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nordstrom designer preview – the event

24 Jul
July 24, 2009

let me begin by saying, i started n+t to be mostly about images. that being said, i could gush ad nauseam about all the pretty clothes people were wearing, and the shoes… i probably spent more time looking down than looking people in the face. there was the boutique, the runway show…the delicious snacks catered by tom douglas (i am always a sucker for the snacks). nordstrom did a wonderful job, in conjunction with SAM, of putting on an amazing party to raise money for upcoming exhibitions at SAM. it was a lot to take in. i find that a couple days later, i’m still digesting, i’m still ruminating, and i’m still pining away for those spat-like chanel boots to clutch to my chest like a long lost, returned, dear friend. hope you enjoy some of what i found, and this by no means encapsulates everything that was there…just my small glimpse. thank you to nordstrom for having me, thanks to the fellow media that i met at the event, and thank you to seattle for turning out it’s best dressed, it’s well shod and well heeled. what a fun night !

seattle tradition – nordstrom designer preview

22 Jul
July 22, 2009

i debated whether this was a ‘tradition’ so to speak. i know it happens every year. i want to say it happens twice a year (spring, fall ?). but it’s certainly something i’ve never done. i mean, as a designer, i’ve certainly wanted to. but the time, or the money, yadda yadda… then i received my ruben toledo designed invitation. i’m besotted ! one of my fashion illustration gods (monday’s post!)… and there it is, sitting in MY mailbox. nordstrom does some things very well. let’s see how they do a fashion preview. shall we ?

stylish creativity

21 Jul
July 21, 2009

1 girl. 7 dresses, all the same. 365 days. if you haven’t seen ‘the uniform project‘, you should check it out. an inspiration to those of us who feel the pinch of the economy (see laid off clothing designer…) i found picture after picture of vintage, reused, repurposed and donated… and seriously felt my spirit lift. i forget that you don’t have to buy new things to have something new. seeing your closet with new eyes, or even with a friend’s opinion can change how you’ll put something together. that’s really cool.

great spectator – rachel – sorrento penthouse, subterfuge seattle party

21 Jul
July 21, 2009

penthouse ready – andrea – sorrento penthouse, subterfuge seattle party

21 Jul
July 21, 2009

to think she actually regretted buying these… i’m sure the thought was gone as soon as we all told her how amazing they are.

sartorially speaking

20 Jul
July 20, 2009

if you love the sartorialist you can now peruse his great snaps on paper whenever the mood strikes you.  he blogged about it’s impending arrival back in january, and now you can pre-order the book on amazon.  looks like the cover shot is CITY editor julie ragolia as reported by refinery29 here.

pretty ladies – maria +tara – hazel salon, phinney

20 Jul
July 20, 2009

tara started hazel salon and organics.  it’s a new, all organic salon up on phinney, if you want to read about tara and maria’s style, i profiled them for the new P-I blog that you can find here.

pretty ladies – michelle + tess – ballard art walk

20 Jul
July 20, 2009

michelle makes beautiful jewelry, that you can find here.  and tess has a lovely boutique in ballard called velouria.  she’s also opening a second location on capitol hill (melrose between pike and pine) that’s due to be open sometime around september/october.

seattle tradition – nordstrom anniversary sale

17 Jul
July 17, 2009

i rarely punctuate my year with retail. i mean, my week, sure. having worked at nordstrom for several years (clothing design, kidswear) anniversary was a special ‘season’ that we designed into. before working there, i didn’t know what it was. or what it meant to the inhabitants of the seattle area (i rarely wait outside a store at 5am, i was shocked to see HORDES in JULY). it’s part of the job for corporate employees to work today (and into the weekend if you’re really going for the gold star) in the stores. helping the sales team, restocking, ringing… ensuring the event is the best that it can be, and that each customer (think so many people you can’t walk a straight line anywhere) gets the customer service nordstrom is renowned for. i hope it goes well, anniversary for nordstrom can rival holiday. i looked at the book i received, and although i won’t be doing any shopping myself, i liked seeing that high end retail is paying attention. lots of accessories, smart price points… happy anniversary. sale.

want to see some other great sales going on this weekend in the area? then click here !

hat + shoes – downtown seattle

16 Jul
July 16, 2009

this guy was in a hurry, so of course i forgot to record his name.  he works at the fluevog store downtown… i really wanted him to tell me about his tattoos, but already felt like i was bugging him… maybe next time.

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