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merry merry merry, happy holly jolly

27 Dec
December 27, 2009
From needle+thread

hope you all had a merry merry and will have a happy happy. i’m taking the week off to get things ready for the new year… check back for new seattle street style, new style bios, and coming in 2010… VIDEO! i got a flip for christmas. can’t wait to try it out… see you in 2010!!

winter blues – gora – downtown seattle

23 Dec
December 23, 2009
From needle+thread

gora was so dapper, how could i not stop him. great mix of pattern, and new and old. love it when a guy does something out of the ordinary.

vintage inspiration – kate – downtown seattle

22 Dec
December 22, 2009
From needle+thread

usually when i think vintage inspiration… it’s not as far back as the late 1800’s. kate made that skirt, and it was even cooler from the back, with a modified (friendly to sitting) bustle. she’s a talented lady… find her here.

birds of a feather – karla + maria – downtown seattle

21 Dec
December 21, 2009
From needle+thread

i like all the knit detail going on here… i’ve been wearing a ton over-size organic shaped sweaters, and feel like they go with anything. also, i don’t know if that’s a scarf… the blue- but i’m digging on the unexpected shape and color.

retro inspiration – jun – downtown seattle

18 Dec
December 18, 2009
From needle+thread

great coat – hyeonsil – downtown seattle

17 Dec
December 17, 2009
From needle+thread

beach-boho – claudia – downtown seattle

16 Dec
December 16, 2009
From needle+thread

i love when i see someone, and think… i want everything she’s wearing! from the cowl scarf, cozy grey sweater… the long belted cardigan. i think it all looks great, and regardless of how cold it was, she looked warm and reminded me of beaches in so-cal.  it’s inspiring to see someone wearing sweaters and jeans in a new way.  fresh.

favourite kicks – greg – pike place market

15 Dec
December 15, 2009
From needle+thread

i love that everything looks relatively new, and then you get to the shoes. they look very loved…

doesn’t the market look festive? i’ve been trying to stroll through once a week to soak it in…

musical style – mackenzie – pike place market

14 Dec
December 14, 2009
From needle+thread

there are some truly talented musicians who play in our streets. one of my favourites was a violinist who used to play right outside macy’s in the metro tunnel. i wanted to ask this girl for a close-up of her pretty accordion… they’re so interesting.

shop local this holiday – part 1 – the sip and ship – ballard

11 Dec
December 11, 2009

i remember the first time i went into the sip and ship. i needed to mail something. i DETEST going to the post office. so… i went into the sip and ship, after a long day of work, to mail something. and there was this wonderful lady behind the counter who was helping people, and chatting with people… and as i stood there, i had this flashback to the husband and wife team who ran the local drugstore in the town i grew up, mr. and mrs. jones. mr jones was a pharmacist, and he could fill your prescription, or walk over to the soda fountain on the other side of the pharmacy, and just as easy, make you a homemade oreo milkshake… mrs. jones ran the cash register, and she’d ask you about your mom, or where you were headed… they were a hub. and this lady behind this mail counter in ballard was just such a hub. i went in several more times over the next couple of months, and she could talk to me about which earrings i needed, or what postage was to london. did i need a latte, try this savory biscuit and let’s overnight this, how’s your dog doing? helping multiple people, greeting EVERYONE by name, jumping behind the cafe counter, weighing envelopes, holding a fussy baby… she’s a hub. her and her husband, and their wonderful business, are a hub.

i could bore you with more of my story about why and how, and definitely the who of my love for the ballard sip and ship, but i took some pictures at their recent holiday kick off event, and i think they cover it. locals coming together to support one another… friends, businesses… the line is a little grey, and honestly, it’s just right. i love supporting a great local business when i can, not out of charity, or obligation, but because they add something to our city that is so important, and that is community.

here’s just a smattering of what they offer:
shipping– standing in line is lame. wouldn’t you rather do it somewhere where you can buy a latte, and a muffin AND listen to good music? i thought so.
packing– hate packing boxes? yeah, me too, and it never fails, i’m out of tape, or my husband threw away the peanuts or… whatever. they’ll pack it all up for you for a small charge, AND if they pack it, they garuantee it.
wrapping– god i detest wrapping. diana is the QUEEN of wrapping. you can literally drop your stuff off, come back and it’s done. like elves. little magic, good at wrapping elves.
coffee, snacks– yes, yes and yes.
cards, unique gifts, baby/kid stuff, mom stuff, ballard stuff, smell good bath stuff… i could go on. if you go in there, you will find something.
they blog – keep up to date on shipping dates, deadline is this weekend? if you want the cheap way, and all their amazing services- visit their blog!

From sip and ship

sip, ship, shop. yes please.

From sip and ship

festive! the goods… unique cards, wrapping paper…

From sip and ship

ballard gear, boxed card sets and the mailboxes.

From sip and ship

cool scarves, warm hats + hoodies, and my very delicious latte.

From sip and ship

delish bath stuff. who doesn’t like getting this stuff?

From sip and ship

they were literally in the middle of setting up for the party, and still stopped to help that last customer!

From sip and ship

tasty, tasty party food. write if you know where it’s from and i’ll add, so yum!

From sip and ship

ballard has a winery. i’m not kidding. domanico cellars, i had some, yummy!

From sip and ship

what kind of dummy doesn’t stop taking pictures to try the chocolate *raises hand* apparently they can’t keep komforte chokolates in the store, it’s THAT GOOD.

From sip and ship

these two ladies had many a hard-to-buy-for-person gift… morrow lane and frances had 3 sisters. both on etsy.

From sip and ship

babies love diana, don’t be fooled. they’re not always into strangers with cameras…

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