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inherent cool – kei – outdoor retailer – slc

29 Jan
January 29, 2010
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i saw kei many times. after i’d asked for the picture, and kept running into him, i felt like a nerd. at the end of one day, we ran into each other again, and he gave me the coolest catalog I’VE EVER SEEN. it could be my fascination/obsession with japan, but kei is one cool dude. my picture does not do his style justice. that cardi was amazing… and i loved the short pant with pop sock.

primary pop – lexi – outdoor retailer – slc

28 Jan
January 28, 2010
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there were a few people i saw over and over, and i wish i’d asked for a picture each day. some people just know how to put it together.

main attraction – temple square – salt lake city

27 Jan
January 27, 2010
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golden statue of the angel of moroni on top of the temple.

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statue of jesus in a domed room painted to represent the universe. (the clouds were amazing)

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temple reflected in a building…

i was born in utah.

that being said, every time i go back, i’m always amazed at how beautiful it is there.  the mountains are so close to the city… on the numerous occasions i’ve driven through (most of) utah, i thought all of it was beyond worth watching out the window for hours.  i spent a lot of this most recent trip completely lost.  but once someone dropped the hint that temple square is the starting point, having 4 streets all with the same name (in a square) going out from there, i started to catch on.

every time i’ve walked the square, there’s always been a wedding party at the temple… no bride and groom this go around, but the trees really struck me.  they’ve always been in full leaf, and being there when they were bare… was striking for some reason.  they’re absolutely lush when covered with leaves…

absence makes the heart grow… oh, you know.

27 Jan
January 27, 2010

so… i took another break.  and i have to say my mind has been abuzz with all the could, should and going to.  774 pictures, 27 business cards, 3 flights and several wanders later, i’m back from the outdoor retailer trade show in salt lake city and have so much to do.

i did manage to snap a few pictures of some stylish people.  the vast bulk of my pictures are going to be compiled into a trend report (there actually was some *very* cool stuff i saw).  i found several bags that will be mine (osprey, ellington and dakine, next year’s model… boo).

and so i’m back.  new directions, new pictures and of course… new style.  bear with me as i post some from utah.  i know it’s a seattle blog, but… it’s also mine.  and i can do whatever i want. ; )  as always…thanks for stopping by…


seattle tradition – seattle aquarium

20 Jan
January 20, 2010
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right when you walk in, a mic’d up scuba diver in a tank that’s enormous. (he’s in there)

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miss fidgety does NOT hold still (but i still get the shot) up against the cool textured wall.

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my amigo in arms.

seriously.  how long has it been since you were there?  i tried to count and since i suck at math, came up with something around 9 or 14 years.  IT. IS. SO. MUCH. BETTER.  i’m not kidding.  you should leave work and go right now.  or let’s make a date and go during octopus week.  i will be there.  then.  you don’t know how i feel about octopuses (or octopi, both are CORRECT).  i lurv them.  they’ve helped me out of many a stressful situation.  it’s a long story.  but me and the eight-legged guy?  we bonded.  and i was even polite while politely shoving people out of my way to get this picture.


weekend dogs – various neighborhoods – seattle

18 Jan
January 18, 2010
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i love a good long weekend.  breakfast out.  reading on the couch.  general puttering.  i’ve needed a good putter.  feel like i’ve been all go-go for the holidays.

these shots of dogs were taken over the weekend.  i wish i could snap a pic of every dog i see… they’re everywhere in seattle.  one of my favourite things.  the last is, of course, my own little luv…

posting might be light this week.  i’m headed out of town.  perhaps i’ll update while away, we’ll see how tech savvy i get out on the road.

in the meantime, i’ve scheduled a couple posts about the aquarium to tide you over.  haven’t been there in ages.  it’s so nice now.  and enormous.  plus octopus week is coming.  cool.  i’m totally going back for octopus week.  even if it means i have to throw a few elbows to get some decent pics of the cephalopods.  the kids were DEEP in that area.

city cowboy – downtown seattle

15 Jan
January 15, 2010
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men who wear glasses – downtown seattle

14 Jan
January 14, 2010
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sweater detail – kelly – downtown seattle

13 Jan
January 13, 2010
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this past sunday was the no pants subway ride (started 9 years ago in NY by improv everywhere). as much as i wanted to catch some of the no pants action, i didn’t really feel like riding the train out to the airport (i drive past the airport everyday). instead i opted to catch some of the crowd, and even with pants, i found plenty to choose from. i loved this sweater and wish i would have asked where it came from.

i’ve also posted this on the P-I site with links to the no pants coverage.

classic trench – haylee – downtown seattle

12 Jan
January 12, 2010
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