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pretty in print – laura – south downtown seattle

30 Apr
April 30, 2010

what a night last night! so much fun, so many interesting (and well dressed) people… where to begin? laura cassidy of wear what when on seattle met magazine (pictured above) asked me to come and ‘do what you do’. we’ll consider it scene capturing… mingling, talking about style, checking out the 2000 degree pizza oven from via tribunali. figures i go to a fashion show and end up listening to hip hop and watching the boys make pizza.  so much to see, and so much to document.  check back next week for my shots from the night.  i’ll also be posting a photo an hour starting 12am tomorrow (cause you know i’ll be up sewing)…

shelby lynne – triple door – downtown seattle

28 Apr
April 28, 2010

it’s been a hectic week.  and what it is it… tuesday?  yikes.  it was nice to visit the triple door and hear shelby lynne.  i was in love with this song when i was about 15 (cut me some slack, i grew up on country).  she’s still as sultry and sexy as i remembered, and i loved, LOVED those boots. be sure to check out gene stout’s write up, and to see more photos click Read more →

findlay brown – triple door – downtown seattle

28 Apr
April 28, 2010

i wasn’t going to post this week.  i’m somewhat over-committed.  but when i got these pictures, i didn’t want to hold them all the way till next week… and i think there’s some amazing personal style here (also be sure to check out the write up with gene stout).   i’ll be back to daily posts next monday- i’ll have photos from two functions (FACE event, and red carpet ball supporting lupus) and plan on participating in the 24 hour shoot. to see all of these photos, be sure to click Read more →

do good – red carpet ball – w hotel – seattle

23 Apr
April 23, 2010

this weekend i’ll be working on making a dress for an up-coming charity event.  the lupus foundation has asked me to take pictures at their annual charity ball, and i want to make sure i’m appropriately attired.

it’s exciting to have a project.  picking a pattern, selecting fabric.  of course i’ve left it to the last minute (i work better under pressure anyway).  i have zillions of patterns and have picked a few to guide me in a direction… my inspiration is mostly vintage, and i’m really liking this 60’s full length look.  sort of julianne moore from ‘a single man’.

if you’d like to attend the ball, tickets are still available.  and of course i’ll be there to take your picture…

slim silhouette – robert – seattle center

23 Apr
April 23, 2010

black + black – kelly – seattle center

22 Apr
April 22, 2010

i loved that prior to this pose, kelly’s friend walked behind me, and she burst out laughing. i wasn’t quite quick enough. she is very fierce. and there’s something about girls wearing tough boots- striking… also, side note (the tee) blondie will be performing at chateau st. michelle this summer.

see it – all balanchine – pacific northwest ballet – part 2

22 Apr
April 22, 2010

all balanchine, pacific northwest ballet

the next three nights (and one sunday matinee) are your opportunity to go see this BEAUTIFUL performance.  if you enjoy the photos, imagine what it’s like in person… i’ll be seeing it myself tonight (photographing it doesn’t count, i’m looking forward to visually SAVORING!) ticket information here…

above: a shot i’m happy to have gotten… they look like they’re having so much fun. you see that in several of the photos. they make something that isn’t, look effortless. can’t wait to see it all again tonight. and coming this weekend, my photos from the choreographer’s showcase.  to see the part 1- click here.  for the rest of the photos click Read more →

concert style – kirby – downtown seattle

21 Apr
April 21, 2010

concert style – peter – downtown seattle

20 Apr
April 20, 2010

with as many concerts as i’ve been to, i’ve been trying to notice common details. chucks are easy. denim, concert tees… faux glasses seem to be an ongoing trend, and then maybe that it’s spring… headbands. seeing one on this gentleman was unexpected, and i loved it on him!

norah jones + sasha dobson – paramount – downtown seattle

19 Apr
April 19, 2010

norah jones seattle

i like norah jones. actually, i really love someone who wrote songs for her…wait, maybe i should do some research. ok, yes. jesse harris. i think i have norah to thank for a cherished cd. you know, one of those that got you through a crazy time- usually love burdened or achey minded? if you get a chance, check out jesse harris’ while the music lasts. anyway… i must be experiencing a nostalgic return to my roots, because i am literally loving, LOVING anything twang-ish. brandi carlile? yes. wailing jenny’s? absolutely. and last night, with her shiny electric guitar (no grand piano)… norah paid tribute to her own roots- texas. i didn’t stay for the whole show, long story… although i wished i could have. the start had the feel of twang minded heartache. it’s cliche right? but it’s a natural progression in my mind. from a jazzy soulful belting (come away with me) to a mournful guitar rift and crooner (tell yer mama). apparently all covered in last night’s set, including several covers.  and i love reading that norah’s in a band with sasha dobsen called puss ‘n boots.  hope you enjoy the photos… those red heels are SASS, and she found the perfect shade for lips to match.  to see all the photos, click Read more →

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