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those shoes – nayara – downtown seattle

30 Jun
June 30, 2010

my summer vacation – sunny florida – the photos

29 Jun
June 29, 2010

if you don’t like ornithology, skip my photos.  i think my nickname this trip was marlin perkins. florida was SUNNY, hot and relaxing.  it’s pretty nice when your biggest concern is what you’re going to eat next.  gator, grouper and triple tail, i sampled what i could.  thanks to the fam for having us, we had a blast!  for all the photos click Read more →

the fash pack – stephanie – downtown seattle

25 Jun
June 25, 2010

there’s kind of a fashion nucleus centered around the big N (as i’ve referred to it for many years). i’ve noticed it before, and if you want an easy photo… all you have to do is stand at the corner of 6th and pine. stephanie said she’d been asked for 3 photos this week.  i loved a) her hair– wish i would have asked for a side shot.  it was a dark brown fade? would that be the word? and practically a mohawk… but completely chic.  and b) those shoes.

happy friday!

see – street entertainment – downtown seattle

24 Jun
June 24, 2010

i love being downtown for work. i love walking out to get coffee, walking from my bus stop to work… there’s just always something to see. i think on this afternoon i saw the bagpiper, this guy and a violinist. summer is alive downtown.  sometimes the best part is watching tourists interact with the live art…

use of color – ben – downtown seattle

24 Jun
June 24, 2010

mixed pattern – anthony – pike place market

23 Jun
June 23, 2010

you may remember anthony from a sam remix shot… i saw him the day after i took these photos, and would have asked for another photo had i not been on my way to meet someone. his mix of pattern and accessories is spot on.

listen – she wants revenge – showbox sodo

22 Jun
June 22, 2010

she wants revenge seattle set list

i’m not so pleased with most of my photos from this show. but instead of being a whiny baby about it, i’ll just post them, forget about them, and remember hearing some of my favourite SWR songs live. the red lights are such a beating. i’m taking suggestions for how to deal with them.  for all the photos click Read more →

cute hat – jessica? – pike place market

22 Jun
June 22, 2010

i’m sad you can only faintly see the floral pattern on her tights. have you been wearing tights this june? yeah, me too.

listen – psychedelic furs – showbox sodo

21 Jun
June 21, 2010

this show has been on my calendar for AGES! i love she wants revenge, and was so excited to see they were opening for PHSYCHEDELIC FURS!! are you kidding me? although you undoubtedly know ‘pretty in pink’, i was excited to hear ‘heaven’ and ‘hearbeat’.  richard’s gravelly voice is killer and it was such a good show!

here’s my photos of the furs- for all of them, be sure to click Read more →

cute hat – ??? – georgetown

21 Jun
June 21, 2010

remember when it was sunny?  here’s hoping the sun makes it’s way back soon…

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