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time off – back at it – the 411

28 Sep
September 28, 2010

hey there… you might have noticed i’ve taken a little time off.  after posting near daily for a year and a half… i decided it might be deserved.  i’m also in the midst of being pregnant.  which is how it seemed to happen for me.  you’re not pregnant, and then suddenly you are, and it’s such a strange, unexpected place.  your skin is freaking out, your organs are freaking out… your internal clock gets all out of whack, and you start realizing… these jeans you’ve worn for the last few years… are no longer your friend.

i think of all the photos i’ve taken of beautiful pregnant ladies… and i have absolutely no idea how they did it.  although it doesn’t seem to be a down side that i get to do some clothing shopping… i’m at a loss for what my look is.  will be.  i’m sure it’ll come to me.

and so… the recent time off.  i promise i’m not quitting.  or leaving.  photographically, i still have more i want to say about the style in our city.  it just probably won’t be as prolific.  i still see people daily, but i’m being a little more choosey.  i think there a few new shooters out there who are doing a great job (have you seen the PI has a street style section?), and it leaves me with the idea to edit, cull and make it a little more meaningful what i do post.  as always, i hope you enjoy what i find, and i look forward to bringing you pretty pictures of our city and the people who live here.

to style! to seattle! to babies! xoxox- n+t

coastal style – seely brothers – bainbridge island

16 Sep
September 16, 2010

i receive hundreds of PR emails a week.  at first… i enjoyed them.  now… they’re getting a little tedious.  only once in a while, does one strike me, and i think… yes, this is something i would actually feature.  half the time, i wonder if they’ve even looked at the site.  i do only post seattle specific content.  i really only like to post photos.  and i doubt you, dear reader, could care less about which celebrity is wearing what earring, or weather new shops open in vegas.  hardly relevent to us.  and on behalf of you (and my sanity) i delete.

but yesterday i received an email about a campaign that nautica is doing, and they’re featuring some locals.  so since it interested me (and i dig the campaign).  i thought i’d share.  i have some nit-picks: if it’s ocean2ocean, why are they on the lake, it’s not the most scenic shots of our land… but it does seem somewhat ‘lifestyle’ and these boys do actually seem like they’d wear the clothing, plus it works for the activity, and so- here you are.  let me know what you think, if you care to, and thanks to nautica for including needle+thread in their mailing.  i didn’t receive anything in exchange for my post (missed my free umbrella by not being at the bainbridge ferry this morning- DUDE, i need a free umbrella!), i just thought it was a somewhat honest approach to a medium i usually find pesky.  plus, you know.  i like to feature the locals.

listen – day 2 – bumbershoot

16 Sep
September 16, 2010

wildly behind in getting these up… but better late than never.  i think i mentioned i had a great time at bumbershoot, and saw a lot of new (to me) and stellar bands.  biggest surprises- hey marseilles and the lonely h.  happy to see again- crash kings.  enjoy! for all the bands i saw on sunday, click Read more →

fall trends – night on the town – vogue front row fashion

16 Sep
September 16, 2010

who doesn’t love to see all the pretty dresses? with holidays just around the corner, it’s fun to think of a party frock. i actually just bought my christmas dress (dressy drink night!) at the rack. best advice i was ever given… if you find an event dress, it fits, and it’s a deal… buy it. you’ll find something to wear it to.

this wraps up the vogue front row fashion show, and tonight i’m headed to fashion first.  hopefully i’ll see some style to capture (a little behind on that) and of course i’ll have some runway shots.

for all the dresses, click Read more →

fall trends – sweater girls – vogue front row fashion

15 Sep
September 15, 2010

not that i’m going to be baring midriff anytime soon, but i thought most of the looks in this portion were great how-to’s on sweaters. for all the shots, click Read more →

fall trends – urban luxe – vogue front row fashion

09 Sep
September 9, 2010

urban luxe translates to ‘military olive drab with sparkle and a pop of red’. there were several pieces in this set that i’d sell a kidney for. those tall chanel (looking?) boots?  yes. that bright red scarf. the cape like luxe looking thing that billowed and looked sumptuous… okay. apparently my style this fall is urban luxe. for all the shots from this set click Read more →

fall trends – american sportswear – vogue front row fashion

09 Sep
September 9, 2010

i wasn’t as into this as i thought i’d be.  i tend to like classic.  i don’t know… maybe it was the coming and going models, and having to swap camera settings every two seconds.. there were a few items i liked, but you’ll have to excuse the blurred photos.  this section of the show was… challenging.  i did the best i could.  for *most* of the photos from american sportswear click Read more →

listen – bumbershoot – day 1

08 Sep
September 8, 2010

every year i’m impressed by how well bumbershoot puts on an enormous show.  just like i have my favourite fashion-show-throwers, a music festival shouldn’t be a beating (*ahem*capitol hill).  you should know where the gate is, know where the stages are, know who’s doing what, when.  and although every year i’m a little put off by the crowds, i never once think, i wish this could be more seamless.  from the ease of press entrance, a badge being your ID, schedules that are pretty strictly adhered to.  it makes it easy to enjoy the music.  which is just what we did.  thanks for having us, and thanks for letting me capture some of the rock.  for all photos, click Read more →

fall trends – under wraps – vogue front row fashion

08 Sep
September 8, 2010

this little red coat (with the plaid peeking out) was adorable. some great looks for men and women, and just a reminder, everything was available at bellevue square! i loved picking out little details, and seeing where i could get them. i have a bit of a coat fetish, and have been wondering about the shape i’d like to get this year… i’m wanting something long, and cozy. for all the runway looks, be sure to click Read more →

fall trends – fur & feathers – vogue front row fashion

07 Sep
September 7, 2010

i’m a little late posting my vogue fashion show photos. since today is so ‘fall’ i thought what better way to start the short week than give you some trend. if you want any details on the clothes, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. all of these items can be found at bellevue square. my favourite items in the photos? the hosiery, of course! for the whole series, click Read more →

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