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11 Oct
October 11, 2010

what a month (ok, who am i kidding, two weeks). when i posted that last photo… i’d just come back from a work trip to north carolina. i put my hours in, but i did take a day to venture over to ashville, where i got to see this little shack they like to call BILTMORE. biltmore is the largest personal residence in america.  one of the vanderbilts had it built when he got back from his honeymoon, he was 33.  i’m 35 and i can count the number of rooms in my house on one hand.  personal underachievement aside… it’s an amazing house, and i hope to make it back to ashville.

then my parents came to town.  5 days with them, then my in-laws flew in.  lots of eating, some shopping, and a few home projects later, everyone hopefully had a great time, and now it’s just me, the dog and my husband again.

being the absentminded girl i’ve been lately (see: pregnant) i forgot my camera on every single outing.  crab pot?  nope.  sea plane? no luck.  my husband’s first adventure to babies ‘r’ us.  didn’t even go.  but i did reap the rewards.  i now have a new bff, the snoogle.  i didn’t know what it was either.  as with all things kid-related, i’m slowing becoming aware of the universe of possessions i’m really going to have to come to grips with owning… a stroller among them.

i’m headed to a few events this week, and hope to capture some shots.  if you’re a fan of betsey johnson and/or nonie creme, nordstrom is hosting both ladies for an event on wednesday.  and then thursday, come support (ha ha) an event for your… awareness?  beats for boobs looks promising for some stylish shots (among other things) and although i haven’t been ‘out’ out in ages… i’m looking forward to sporting some of the new clothes i picked up to mask (stylishly) my distending middle.  i felt the little ‘it’ on saturday, and it was truly a moment of awe.  there’s a person in there.  and before you know it, he or she will be here (and subjected to my camera).  i literally cannot wait, but am lucky i get to.  give me time to buy all that stuff.  🙂

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