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designer sighting – betsey johnson – downtown nordstrom

11 Feb
February 11, 2011

let’s be honest.  this is old news.  but it’s still good news for local nail lacquer guru, nonie creme.  her lovely line of delish nail shades, butter london, made an excellent accent to betsy’s visit last october at the downtown nordstrom.  not only did nonie do the nails for betsey’s spring fashion week show in new york, but her line was picked up by the seattle retailer and is available in store.

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local design – squelette – sodo

09 Feb
February 9, 2011

i’m a fan of hearing from other local creatives.  add design, and i’m in.  although i haven’t done much clothing shopping for myself lately, i’d love to check squelette out in person.  the fact that they apparently sell their wares in conjunction with a wine studio… that may have just sealed the deal (when i’m back on the grape).  seems like a perfect addition to an artwalk meander; they’re located down in sodo, and apparently open till 7pm on the weekdays.

(photo nabbed out of their 2011 lookbook, photo credit: patrick kehoe)

well, hello stranger… and guided by voices

07 Feb
February 7, 2011

holy cow.  somewhere i’ve lost a few months of my life.  it’s been… occupying.  this pregnancy thing, it’s a doozy.  i’d take the photos, and then not have the energy to do anything with them.  never mind that my studio was in the basement.  now that we’ve rearranged, and *ahem* sloooooowwwwly started getting some of this house in order (baby room? not quite), i’m ready to finally get some posts together.

i think for the duration of the weeks i have left (that would be 8, god willing), i may just post things i find interesting.  it’s hard for me to take photos, and honestly, hard to carry around the extra weight of the camera.  i miss my camera.  i miss being able to get low to take a photo, and now that i’m being honest, miss being able to get up on my own from getting low.  you get the gist.  enjoy some of these older shots, and in the meantime, i’ll be working on getting some inspiration posts together.  it may not be seattle street style, but i’ll do my best.

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