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thankful days – week 3

21 Nov
November 21, 2013

day 15 – i’m thankful for my stepdad.  he’s been in my life for… i’m really bad at math…24 years (counts on fingers).  he used to help me do my math homework.  it’s not his fault.  he’s a good guy, and i’m happy him and my mom met.  i’m happy my kids have a fun grandpa.

day 16 – i’m thankful for oreos.  what?  they can’t all be serious.

day 17 – hmmmm… the change of seasons?  i’m usually so happy when fall rolls around.  and before you know it, you’re through december, on the upswing to spring.

day 18 – i’m pretty sure i did my husband, but i’m still thankful for him.  saint.  seriously.

day 19 – coffee.  i’m daily thankful for coffee.  and on the rare occasion that i make it to some place snazzy… caffe vita, stumptown, le pichet.  any local small roaster… yum… i’m thankful for you.

day 20 – pretty soon i’m going to be thankful again for christmas lights.  if i were working downtown right now, i’d be thankful for them.  once we cross into daylight savings (or as i like to call it, suicide watch) the christmas lights are just the perk you need.  i used to beg my husband (when he worked from home) to put them on before i got home.  i love that feeling- the glow, the twinkle, the feeling that the holidays are close… putting ours up next week.

day 21 – i’m doing my best to daily be thankful for the babies.  two and 6 months is hard.  not hard, exhausting.  my brain is challenged in a new way, and i’m adapting.  maybe we all think we’re not great parents, but i’m making the effort every day to try to learn more, try something new, get out and about.  my kids are strong and healthy, i’m thankful for that.  the rest will happen…

thankful days – week 2

20 Nov
November 20, 2013

day 8 – i’m thankful there are still people in my life who i have shared history with.  maybe not many, but enough that i feel like someone knew me before i had kids.  someone knew me when i was wild.  and i did stuff.  like bathe.

day 9 – thankful for my creativity. i’ve thought a lot over the years about where such things stem from…i’m equal parts for genetics and picking it up as you go.  foster your local artsy kid.

day 10 – i’m thankful for my mom.  i feel like i was a mostly easy kid, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the mother-job was easier.  she did a pretty amazing job with some not so great circumstances.  i think when you become a mom, you have more realizations about your mom as a human, and are able to see past her ‘she’s my mom’-ness.  or at least i was.  i’m thankful for that perspective and for everything she did and continues to do.  no one will love my kids more than i do, but i bet grandma gets closest.  i love that.

day 11 – i’m thankful for veterans- both grandpas served in wwii, i appreciate the time they spent defending our country.  it’s not trite to have this gratitude, and i don’t take for granted all that those in our armed forces sacrifice.  thank you.

day 12 – i’m thankful for my health.  i spent a lot of last year being sick (and pregnant).  i’m thankful to be feeling healthier and stronger.  let’s hope it lasts (knocks on wood, crosses fingers, sprays antibacterial in direction of toddler).

day 13 – i’m thankful for the caregivers to my children.  it’s not easy to leave the people you love the most, who are the most defenseless- i’m thankful i have a friend and professional who has brought out some amazing things in my toddler, and a lovely lady who sits with the baby so i can actually get something done.  having people you trust to take care of your children (when you have no family in town) is life (and sanity) saving.

day 14 – i’m thankful for my grandparents.  after hearing the one that’s left might not be doing so well today, i’m thankful for the time i spent with them growing up, and for the person they helped shaped me into. i wished i lived closer- i’d love to see my grandpa’s face if he met my kids.

dressing a kid – girl edition

13 Nov
November 13, 2013

another foray into northgate mall (and a little online shopping by grandparents) and we’re accumulating some items i’m not embarrassed about for the wee-est in the house.  don’t get me wrong, i’ve slowly come to like pink (it’s weird how it happens, it’s literally something you see in every shop, and you catch yourself saying- but that’s not a hideous pink, and next thing you know, there’s a drawer full of pink. not to mention, try finding some necessary item not in pink, like a coat), but i do covet items outside the palette that’s preferred.  i get it.

these items from old navy are a) so inexpensive! b) so adorable and c) of such a quality on the onesies, i triple checked the price.  soft, durable and easy to wash, plus there’s the bonus of layering.  i layer pants under the dress, onsie under the shirt, with the sweater over… and everything goes together.  love it.

next dressing post will be about dressing for pictures.  i’ve yet to get the outfits, but with our photo looming (and santa for the grandparents) i better get my act together.  where are you finding cute clothing?  do you opt for something luxe, or something that can be worn more than a couple times (seems easier for boys for some reason)?  i’m interested to hear how others get the photo outfits together!

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thankful days – week one

02 Nov
November 2, 2013

it seemed easier to round this out into week posts… so here we are.  doing a good job of using my iCal for a daily journal.  i had set something like this up.  total pain in the ass.  then i switched to a notebook, never remembered.  now that it’s on my phone, i’m actually using it.  right before bed each night, filling in a little tidbit of my day, adding something cute that D. says, little moments i never want to forget… and of course, this month, thanks.

day 1 – every year, thankful for another year to give thanks.  i know it seems cheesy, but i offer up a humble thank you every time i realize i remember last year.  it’s a simple thing to take for granted.  i try not to.

day 2 – i’m thankful for two healthy, (reasonably) sound children.  it may not always be a blast, but i’ve learned that what goes up your nose will eventually come out.

day 3 – beyond thankful that i met the right guy.  from the first minutes i met him, he made me laugh.  i know it hasn’t always been easy, but when you’ve got the right person, it’s easier.  just about every day i think… i’m lucky and… why is he so weird?

day 4 – thankful for the roof over our heads.  home ownership can kind of blow, but we own a home, it’s ours, and every night when when i think- the family i love is under this roof, i’m thankful.  most days.

day 5 – thankful for the people i call baby group.  it’s become an extended group of people who basically have kids the same age as ours… they’ve kept me reasonably sane over the last two years.  without them i might think my kid was a freak of nature.  now i know he’s just a toddler.  who are freaks of nature.  and put upon the earth to test everything about yourself you’ve ever questioned or doubted.  so thankful.

day 6 – girlfriends- the women i sporadically get to see here and there, who remind me what grace, humor and creativity are.  even if it’s just a text, an email, a snarky text exchange during an award/reality/crap tv show- i’m thankful i have a small circle of ladies i call friends.

day 7 – did i do my husband?  i’m thankful for him.  sometimes more than once a week.  he’s such a saint.  just the fact he stayed with me while i was pregnant… that alone is something to be thankful for.  i was atrocious.  let’s be thankful i’ll never be pregnant again.  and for my husband.

daily thanks – month of november

02 Nov
November 2, 2013

so… over a year ago, i decided to no longer participate in facebook.  it took a week to delete every single post on my account, and it made me realize maybe i was over sharing.  if that’s a thing.  it is, i’m sure.

sometimes i miss seeing what people are doing, and i definitely don’t feel as connected to many of the people i used to consider friends.  it makes you realize we spend an inordinate amount of time on our phones, and my thoughts were veering into- that will make a good facebook update!  i was getting kind of disgusted with myself.

but, i do feel like there are things worth sharing.  it’s nice to realize you’re not the only one who has a hard time being home alone with kids all day.  it’s comforting to hear of someone’s struggles with infant sleep issues.  makes you feel less… isolated.  the things i’m most attracted to reading these days are usually positive in nature (favourite board on pinterest).  and so in that vein, i’m posting daily thanks for the month of november.  over the last couple of years i’ve realized i’m truly a very fortunate person.  i’m not gloating over that fact, i’m just putting out there that i recognize it, and for the month of november, being thankful.  then for the month of december, giving back.  tune in if you’re interested.  drop me a line if you want to participate.  i’ll be posting these to twitter as well, i’d love to see what you’re thankful for.


family halloween – trick or treating – greenwood

02 Nov
November 2, 2013

with the addition of kids… halloween has become both more and less stress.  more- in the way of getting two kids (who are usually on a schedule) ready to go do something later in the evening.  and less, it doesn’t have to be about us, and pretty much anything goes.

the last few years we’ve gotten together with friends who have kids about the same age.  we have dinner, and then venture out for about 1 full block of trick or treating.  2 year olds don’t really get knocking on doors asking for candy.  but once they realize there’s sugar on the other side of the door, they literally start running from house to house.  it’s fun.

this year D. wanted to be jake- of jake and the neverland pirates.  i built the rest of our costumes around him, mostly for warmth.  our mermaid is wearing a onesie, a sleep sack, and the 2nd onsie with the shells (crafted by my very talented friend jessica), plus the mermaid bag.  she was toasty warm.  i bought most of D’s at goodwill- adding gold trim to the jacket, and making the boot covers from some faux leather look i picked up at joann’s (will be posting a how-to later, there’s not a decent one i could find on the internet, and i liked the way they turned out).  P’s mermaid bag was made from scratch, mainly with the tail from ‘splash’ in my head.  and me- i bought everything at goodwill- i’m a cross between a pirate and a gypsy and of course, a mom.

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