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give+celebrate+gratitude – seattle style

02 Dec
December 2, 2013

i started this last year… and was somewhat half hearted about it (see: pregnant). but what i did love, is if i found the energy, i had some activity or idea for every day of the month.  the idea wasn’t to spend all that much money, but just to put it out there that i was thankful for all i had, give something back, and in the process, celebrate the season.  spending the darkest month doing some spirit brightening things FEELS GOOD.  join in with me, and tell me about it.  do you have favourite activities for the month of december?  are there things you look forward to every holidays?

day 1 (sun)- holiday photos –  i wasn’t completely on it this year, my photos are happening late, but… i did feel like things could be more christmas-ey in the pictures, and it felt really good, since they were here at the house, to start the month with a completely clean house (and yard!).  that feels amazing.  also- to get us all in the mood- i made this amazing christmas simmer.  so easy, and SO good!

day 2 (mon)- plan for holiday movies- good day to scroll through the guide, and record a bunch of holiday movies for the month- my faves- white christmas, love actually, meet me in st. louis, bridget jones, the holiday- this year i’m going to add in the kid movies.  and while i’m at it, cocoa is always a good start to december- love this pin of cocoa party ideas!

day 3 (tues)- make a treat for the closest firemen– i was thinking rice crispy treats (toddler friendly to make), the local firehouse is mere blocks away.  we could even walk over to deliver.  what better way to say thanks- you know for that one time i tried to inadvertently kill my husband (unknown allergy), and they showed up, and put it all to right.

day 4 (weds)- big tip day– i was a server in a restaurant for many a year (and worked retail- hard job to have during the holidays) this is the day to give it back.  i usually get breakfast with a girlfriend on wednesdays- time to leave a big fat tip at one of our favourite places.

day 5 (thurs)- assemble survival packs.  a friend gave me this one.  it’s basically this– and you keep them in the car.  if you see someone who can use one, you hand it out.

day 6 (fri)- food bank donation- not sure if you’ve ever experienced not having a lot of money for food (i received food stamps in my early 20’s, while i figured Read more →

thankful days – week 4

02 Dec
December 2, 2013

i’m a bit behind- i’ll blame post holiday mayhem.  here’s the last week of november, and soon up… enjoying and celebrating the month of december!

day 22 – i’m thankful for these clear, cold, crisp days.  so invigorating, so nice to be able to spend the daylight hours outdoors.  even if it is freezing, that sun is just what i need.

day 23 – thankful for the opportunity to try my hand at freelance.  it may be a bit of struggle, and i’m certainly figuring it out as i go, but the flexibility as a mom, and an artist… i’m thankful to try.  i loved my job.  but sometimes, the 9-5 wasn’t… awesome?  i like that someone is giving me a chance, even a small one, and i’m doing my best to find a new path.

day 24 – hobbies- i’m thankful i have interests, and friends to share them with.  books, sewing, design.  i’m lucky to know so many creative people.

day 25 – thankful for skillful tradesmen.  it may seem an odd one, but 2 men showed up at my house today, and my bathroom is transformed.  yay them!

day 26 – I’m thankful for my son’s bright curiosity and quick, sharp mind. How when we drive along, if there is any D in any sign- it’s all for Des. I’m thankful today for the hug he gave my head as I sat on the floor and for the trillionth time picked up ‘treasure’. I love the things he finds humorous, even if I don’t share the glee.

day 27 – for a sweet daughter who starts every single day with smiles and near laughter.  she is the sweetest.  i couldn’t have imagined what she would be like, but in the best of imagining, i could have never come up with such a disposition.  sweet girl.

day 28 – a whole month of feeling this gratitude.  culminating in spending time with family and friends.  i’m lucky, and i’m grateful.

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