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make it – resolution sheet – 2014

14 Jan
January 14, 2014

i’m not usually one much for resolutions.  its exhausting trying to change so many things all at once.  but then i found this sheet on pinterest, and thought… huh.  i could make that.  so i did.  and now i’ve gotten all inspired (see: carried away), and bought a calendar, and then i thought…. ohhhh, a daily list sheet, which might be overkill, but also might get me out of my forgetting-to-do-everything rut.  and now i’m not really changing things so much as just trying to be a little more organized?  right?

if i figure out how to make the sheets downloads, i’ll post them up- and then you can download them and get overzealous with me.  why not.

if you’d like the resolution sheet- CLICK HERE.  if you’d like a free daily to-do list- CLICK HERE

i bought it – deals – j.crew

02 Jan
January 2, 2014

sooooo… how was your holiday?  over too quick?  full of merry and bright?  exhausting?  yes.  all of that and more, right?  every year, around october, i say to myself, this year it’s going to be different… and every year (so far without fail) it’s all gone, over and packed away before i’m ready to see the end of it.  but… in 357 days, we can do it all again. 😉

i found myself at alderwood yesterday.  i was never a frequenter of malls until i had a toddler.  now… now it’s a long, enclosed, warm place, with a pretzel at the end.

then i looked up and realized there’s a j.crew there.  yikes.  all that christmas money that i was going to put on iTunes and diapers… yeah.  i gave it to j.crew.  in exchange for some beautiful (indulgent) things!  yay!  that’s more fun than diapers any day.  there’s an extra 40% off on top of sale items… that took away most of the guilt (almost).

i wasn’t super impressed with j.crew’s customer service via their 800#, or their website for that matter.  prices weren’t consistent online with what was in store, and some items, you have to type in to find- but again, the deal was worth the hunt, and everyone i spoke with at an actual store was amazing.  happy hunting!  clockwise- merino scarf sweater, crane paper co. merci cards, fanned leaf necklace (also in a very pretty red), universal charger, pretty gift tags.

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