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take a poll – quilt layout – make it

27 Jun
June 27, 2014
online poll by Opinion Stage

i’m pretty sure i could sit and do this forever, and honestly, it’s time to start cutting.  i have my favourite, but want to see what other people think.  so tell me, which design speaks to you?  what would you change?

i posted my inspirations here, but things have slowly evolved.  can’t wait to hear what you think!

modern quilt challenge – michael miller – seattle

26 Jun
June 26, 2014

slowly gathering my fabric, the last few coming via mail.  it appeases my designer brain to have everything organized via palette, and see it all together.  i know that lavender is a question mark in your mind, but trust me; next to that green!  next to the wee bitty florals!  and the texture (it’s not quite as literal as that photo) is just a hint of depth…  do people get this involved over the planning?  i don’t know.  but i did.  so there’s that.

want to join a quilt guild?  live in seattle?  come check it out!

work it – women’s athletic – freelancing

25 Jun
June 25, 2014

i had the opportunity to bid some freelance lately, and although i’m always a little tentative working for companies i’ve never heard of, i pursued this project purely from the standpoint of practice.  freelancing is just as much about keeping sharp as it is about getting the work, and the two aren’t always encountered together.

self employment has been a learning curve.  wearing so many hats, dealing with kid care, making my dining room my office (uber glam), it can be a challenge to stay motivated.  i’ve learned that the best way to keep feeling like it’s a ‘job’, whether there’s work, or there isn’t, is to set ‘office hours’ and pursue the next idea on my list.

this one came along at the perfect time (some things do).  and although i didn’t get the work (man was that company SKETCHY), i really enjoyed this.  creating a tight packet, self directed, getting feedback from past colleagues… it checked a lot of things on the stay sharp list.  feel free to let me know what you think, i’d love to hear!

modern quilt challenge – michael miller – seattle

20 Jun
June 20, 2014

i joined a quilt guild for several reasons.  a dear friend was joining.  i needed to meet some new people.  i needed to get out of my {artistic} comfort zone.  my grandma belonged to one, and i’d been reading old letters from her.  she always talked about going to meetings, and doing things with her guild.

i wonder what she’d think about a modern quilt guild.  about her grand daughter loving one of her hobbies in (most likely) a completely different way.  i wonder about all the things she made in her lifetime.  where they are.  what inspired her.  i think about all of her fabric i used to love when i was a girl.

above is inspiration for a challenge i’m working on.  we were given *gasp FREE* some fabric and told to come up with something.  these are the things i’m loving about guild membership.  direction without (too much) constraint.  here work on this!  and here’s some fabric!  the first one i did was… challenging.  i don’t know a ton about quilting.  i love quilts.  i love sewing.  i’m learning to put the two together.

above: obviously i’m being drawn towards TRIANGLES! 1- i tried, but not in my language.  love the mix of solid and print in the same color. 2- the one lone half square triangle, coolness by jane denton 3- *heart* anything with just a touch of flouro – summer art print by ornaart 4- GAHHH, i want to marry that quilt, but alas, i’m already married.  loving how the black triangles are all on one edge, and the white on one edge. 5- i think this is maybe not what you tackle when you are tackling your 3rd quilt, but i’m inspired by it.  especially the white and black again. 6- urban outfitters bedding (of all things)- i’m liking the graphic, and the delineation of the lavender triangles mixed with white and grey. 7- are you kidding me, look at it.  what’s NOT inspiring about that. 8- my one weird one.  i like the idea of an offbeat color split.  this whole series is fun, by andre britz.

read it – summer – grown up version

19 Jun
June 19, 2014

i think maybe i’m not cut out for book clubs.  i like reading.  i’m less into discussion.  i like hearing recommendations and hearing what other people think about books.  i’m probably also not that into wine.  i think i used to be?  i don’t know.  anyway, over text a good friend and i decided to start our own book club.  we were going to call it ‘we read to escape’.  we’re averaging about a book every other day.  maybe we should call it, ‘we read to support the economy’?  it’s been fun being engrossed in something other than kids, or tv.  it’s brought back a little sanity, and it’s been so good to consume some books again (especially with a fellow fast reader).  these are some of the books we’ve tackled, and a couple more that are on my list next.  are you reading anything this summer?  any good book recommends?

1- the fault in our stars- had to.  cried.  might go see the film.  doubt it.

2- still alice – hard.  my grandmother passed from alzheimer’s.  it was good, but tough.

3- where’d you go bernadette- funny.  vonnegut-esque.  based in seattle!

4- what alice forgot- so many of these i didn’t want to end, this was one.

5- where we belong – besides wild, probably my fave.

6- the husband’s secret – weird, but good.  lots of strong personalities.

7- wild- the best out of this bunch!  made me want to go hike, and i don’t even like walking.

8- let’s pretend this never happened – up next.  i love her blog, i’m hoping the book makes me laugh as much.

9- honeymoon with my brother – i downloaded the sample, and wanted more.  promising.

i bought it – birthday – last of the 30’s

11 Jun
June 11, 2014

i have a birthday this week.

i used to plan weeks in advance for my birthday.  we used to have what we called ‘birthday month’.  starting with memorial day, it was a month long party, usually culminating in a solstice i had zero memory of.  it was fun.  fun doesn’t even cover what it was.

these days i’m more interested in how i can work it so i can wash my hair TWICE this week (crazy, right).  i might make cupcakes.  i thought i’d pick up a nice bottle of champagne.  toasting to the last year of my 30’s.  the last one…!!!  new decades are EXCITING!  i’m looking forward to savoring this year, and seeing what my next decade brings.

i’ve been reading about making a simpler wardrobe.  investing in good pieces.  to that end, i’m starting with some new summer sandals.  i’ve seen these here and there, and decided they’re for me.  these come in a zillion colors.  i love most of them, but the red are feeling like the perfect mix of timeless and playful.  HBTM!

school vs life + motivation

10 Jun
June 10, 2014

finals.  remember those?  cramming.  notes.  study groups.   i can’t remember the last time i thought about finals.  and then this morning my barista asked me what i’d been doing all week (uh, it’s tuesday?) and instead of truthfully answering, i asked her what she had been up to.


wow.  the trip my brain took on the way home.  cramming. up all night studying.  or… one of my faves.  winging it.  thinking you’d paid enough attention in class, taken pretty good notes, and just walking in and doing your best.  i started thinking about how school doesn’t really set you up for life.  life isn’t about grades.  and testing.  life is about… trying things.  even if you fail.  trying something new.  a food you’ve never had.  cooking something you’ve never made.  reading a new book and changing your outlook.  it’s not about tests.  it’s not about competing.  and i’m pretty sure my kids, my husband and any of the bosses i’ve had in my life haven’t passed out grades.

anyway.  i enjoyed the trip down memory lane, and i really liked my perspective from this side of ‘finals’.  the idea that i got a C or a B in something has had zero impact on my life. i wish i’d had a little more fun in school.  i was always in favor of pursuing my interests in college- swimming, ceramics, bag making, latin, french.  it’s too bad so much of that stuff felt like goofing off.  it was the good stuff for sure.

*photo collage – a little motivation to keep you inspired while working on your dreams.  need more?  visit the board on pinterest!

i want to know – take a poll – part 2

08 Jun
June 8, 2014

so. i’m going to make kids socks. my main goal is to make something just a little bit different, but seriously, it’s just kids socks. i go to target, they never have my size. i go to other stores, they’re dorky, or worse, hideous. so! i’ll make what i’d like to find, and hopefully others will want them too.

online poll by Opinion Stage

i want to know – take a poll

06 Jun
June 6, 2014
online poll by Opinion Stage

rethinking the box – career inspiration

03 Jun
June 3, 2014

i remember when i started this blog i was working through a transition phase in my career.  the transition was that the economy had failed, and my job was gone.  this blog gave me a reason to get out of the house, i met a lot of really great people, and slowly, i regained my (sometimes already shaky) sense of self.  i really enjoyed meeting and talking to people about their style, why they loved dressing a certain way, and i really love the way it opened up my mind about inspiration.

i’m at another junction in my career.  which is hard to write.  i loved my job.  i don’t know if a lot of people get to say they love what they do.  i truly did.  do?  of course, there are aspects of any job that are… mundane, or… hard resign yourself to.  and although i think my job sounded far more glamorous than it was, being a clothing designer is fun.  it just is.  it’s not saving lives, it’s not (really) making the world a better place… but it was pretty cool.

i’ve slowly been finding my way on a freelance basis, which is uber hard with two small little people.  i have the most amazing day care professional/friend/caregiver.  but it’s such a trade off. working freelance should mean flexibility.  but because i don’t know my schedule or know when things will get bought, i don’t know when the money comes.  i pay for the daycare now, and already it’s been over 6 months of waiting.  which has led me to think i should start my own line, which in turn fills me with self doubt and a laundry list of all the things that i don’t know.  and then i think of all the people who talk about starting a company, or have started a company, and i think… hey ding-a-ling, you already know so much of it.  just figure out the rest as you go.  don’t freak out about it before it’s even happened.

and that’s where i am.  i’m going to write it, and i’m going to keep doing it.  i’m starting a business.  i’m going to start with kid’s socks, but that’s just the tip of what i want to do.  i want to make things.  with my actual hands.  i want to teach other people to make things.  i want to design, but i’m not just a designer.  there’s such a mentality of snobbery in the design world.  which has always seemed a little laughable to me.  like looking at what other people do, and being ‘inspired’ by it is such a noble, enviable pursuit.  i’m done with that box.  i’m done thinking that sitting down to a sewing machine will mean the end of my design career.  maybe it is.  or maybe opening myself up to all the things i can do (and enjoy) will make me a better designer.

*photo quote- also done with the mentality of thinking ‘but that person is already doing it!’  maybe they are.  what’s should that really mean to me?

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