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buy it – shoes – toddler edition

30 Jul
July 30, 2014

seriously.  ser. i. ous. ly.  i’ve been to nordstrom 3 times.  my kid has been wearing jelly sandals that i bought on a whim, because… hello, she needed something to go on her feet, and they fit, and they were inexpensive, and i couldn’t FIND ANYTHING.  they’re even all the things that i didn’t want (pink, glitter, useless) AND they smell like strawberries.  i’m not even kidding.

so after the THIRD trip to nordstrom, thinking there would be something on anniversary sale… i got her feet measured and came home.  and now, i’ve done 42 searches, and i still hate everything.  i’m blaming being a designer, but… let’s get real.  when every store sells the same thing, it’s because they think it’s what people want, because it has a history of selling.  but WHY.  WHY.  WHY do i have to buy my 1 year old daughter a pair of shoes that has SEQUINS on them.  SEQUINS.  they’re navy.  but they’re also purple (of course, the world HAS to know she’s a girl, based on her footwear) and there are sequins.  that i missed in the online photo.  and also, because it would never cross my mind that there would be sequins on them.

i’ve put this collage together, but… it’s made me a little… irritated?  some of the brands i loved for my son, especially tsukihoshi, their girl shoes SUCKED.  every single one was pink, or purple or silver.  i could easily buy the boy ones, it just seems strange that all the girl options, and there were…37.  dude.  37.  two are blue, and they still have pink or purple on them.  i bought my son the same shoe 3 times, because it was so easy to get on, it washed amazing, and they never wore out, and he wore them every day.  i’m not buying the same version of that shoe in pink.

anyway, enough of my rant.  i’ll continue the search.  she’s got her navy/sequin shoes, so i bought us some time.  and reinforced to retailers that i’m willing to let my daughter look like a disco ball, yet again.

maryjanes – 1- see kai run 2- keds 3-cienta 4- see kai run 5- cienta walkers – 6- see kai run 7- see kai run 8- puma 9- tsukihoshi 10- stride rite (the sequin offender) 11- adidas 12- adidas

make it – easy cinnamon rolls

28 Jul
July 28, 2014

sooooo.  yeah.  i do like to cook.  i do.  but between our basement being finished, and starting a business, and working freelance, and… oh, right.  two kids.  i don’t get to cook, and i don’t get to go out to breakfast like i used to.  and let’s be honest.  i used to love a good boozy brunch, but you know who’s a buzz kill?  a 3 year old.

boo hoo.  so every once in while, i peruse pinterest for some easy to make breakfast fare that will impress my children, make my husband fall in love with me all over again, and satisfy my brunchless life.  it’s a tall order.

i found this recipe and thought… i could try that.  and the sad part is, i think i looked at the recipe once, got the general idea, bought a few things at the grocery store, and then promptly forgot i was going to try it.  but on sunday, we had run out of just about everything, then i found the canned biscuits, and i was like… oh… yeah!

but the recipe calls for two cans.  and a cast iron skillet.  which i have, but haven’t seasoned.  loser.  so then i made this in a pie dish.  which kind of worked, but i think i over did the sugar/cinnamon, and then i really overdid the frosting (you think it’s not possible, but lo, it is).  i liked the general idea, and can definitely envision some modifications and potentially some other uses.  like some apple pie filling (!) rolled up in there, served warm with some ice cream.  YUM.

read it – summer – august edition

25 Jul
July 25, 2014

man.  can you even believe it’s almost august?  time.  flies.  i hope you’re savoring all the moments that make up this blissful season, and in that vein, i offer up the second installment of the summer reading list.

half these books, wait, math.  uhm, five of these books i’ve read (the first 5), and the rest i’ve downloaded samples of, or actually purchased.  one was given to me for FREE.  wait, more math.  2 were given to me.  are you following?  it doesn’t matter.  check out these books, and let me know what you think!

1- super hard to read, because… if you’re a mom, you’ve been there.  it’s hectic, you’ve got a million things on your mind, and you forget a kid.  i’m not saying i’ve forgotten a kid, but i am saying i can EASILY see how it happens.  i need a rating system, i’m rubbish at reviews… it’s good, read it.

2- i loved where we belong 2 (there was a ‘where we belong’ in my first list).  it was just a good story.  some of it’s hard to swallow- a teen with that much autonomy?  but i liked it.  read it.

3- again, i’m the worst at reviews- all of these books i finished in a day.  if it takes me longer than that, i know i’m not interested.  rosie project was cute.  easy to like.  read it.

4- free to fall– i’ve been a sucker for YA lately.  this was good because you can actually picture the world going this way.  soon.  facebook, phones, a plot with really smart people who infect us all with nanobots via flu shots.  what?  it could happen.  read it.

5- delancey.  ugh, so perfect for my life right now.  this was a loaner from a friend, and i felt like… listening to someone else vent about starting a business, how it affected their relationship and their self perception was perfect.  i don’t think you have to be going through any of that to enjoy it, so… read it.

6- this one was on my list last time.  i read the sample, and i keep meaning to buy it, and then keep getting free books.  it looks good, it’s up next.  right after i finish…

7- so this was another free one.  from the publisher.  i read a couple reviews and thought, yep, i’ll read that.  check it out.

8- a recommend from my MIL.  her book club is reading it next.  i like to pretend i’m in book clubs.  without the commitment of actually being social or going anywhere. or getting dressed.  or putting on make up.  you get the point.

9- it’s not surprising to me i can’t remember where i found the review for this book.  BUT.  what is surprising to me is how i remembered all that i read about it for days, and how this young girl made such an impact with her writing style and voice.  i want to read this book, if only to remember what it feels like to be young and searching.  i’m sad she’s gone, i’m looking forward to this one.

backyard adventure – summer edition

23 Jul
July 23, 2014

so, we’ve been spending a ton of time in our backyard.  so much time, that i’m starting to get ideas about actually attacking some projects back there (yeah, right, like in my spare time).  these photos are from early summer, (may) back before the grass died.  it’s such a funny thing here that every summer we let our lawn die, and then every fall, in like two days, it comes back.

it’s been nice to have a little rain again, but i’m looking forward to the sun this weekend.  i have a friend who wants to take a small hike will all the kids… i’m excited to get out of the backyard.  where do you like to get out to on the weekends… seattle has so many great spots for kids…

keep moving forward – inspiration for the week, a day late

22 Jul
July 22, 2014

soooooo.  yeah.  i still hate mondays.  i will however amend that to say… i did an amazing job of working through the negative yesterday, and finding my zen about what needed to get done.  some of it involved going to home depot and lowe’s with two kids.  which, for anyone who knows, can go two ways.  the one who’s supposed to stay asleep, can sleep blissfully through the whole thing, and the one who’s supposed to be awake, can take your phone and listen to 80’s music for the duration.  or… the one who’s awake can lose his mind when you take the phone to text the contractor (who was supposed to be at your house 2 hours ago) and wake up the one who was supposed to be sleeping.  then home depot could only schedule one person to be working while 5 people wait to be helped in what appears to be the only section of home depot with actual customers (blinds, carpet).  you could realize that you still have 4 more things to get, and another store to go to, while both kids scream their heads off.  it could go that way.  but i will say, no endorsement of fast food, french fries will make EVERYONE shut up for the length of time it takes to get everything you need.  and i got a much deserved, well earned coke FTW.

i’ve been working a lot on perspective, outlook, and mood control.  i’ve been telling myself that i am in charge of what my mood is going to be, and for as ABSOLUTELY hokey as i think it sounds… it’s been working.  when you tell yourself that you can be happy regardless of screaming toddlers, that you should be happy for all that you have, for the simple fact that you woke up today, and the world was still spinning… it can literally change how you feel.  i love that.  i love it.  don’t get me wrong, i’m am the last person you’d ascribe the pollyanna moniker to, but… it works.  so there’s that.  and when it doesn’t, there’s always french fries.

for more good mood inspiration, check out the pinterest location where i virtually hoard it all.

vote for it – baby socks

14 Jul
July 14, 2014

i’m sitting here thinking of the gazillion things i have to do.  i can hear two separate kids squawking in their rooms as they settle down and (hopefully) go to sleep.  a process that takes at least an hour.  i need to paint toes, and paint nails, and charge my iPad, and refine, refine, refine the script.  i might as well write out some cue cards, because, let’s be honest, there’s neither time nor brain power to memorize lines.

tomorrow i’m going to film a video for the kickstarter to FINALLLY launch the rest of my business.  the big chunk.  the fun chunk.  the scary chunk.

i’m jazzed.  i’ve been tweaking, and playing, and messing about with these designs, until each one feels like the best version of itself.  i put up these votes just as a way to refine one last time.  to make sure i’m not totally in left field.  i mean, i’d put pink on my baby boy, but i’m a design mom.  they’re WEIRD.

thanks guys!

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keep moving forward – inspiration for the week

07 Jul
July 7, 2014

wow mondays suck.  not to be totally trite, but they seriously do.  i never really remember thinking that they were that awful.  but kids, a holiday weekend, sleep schedules off, fireworks, barfing-nervous-wreck dogs and crying babies all night.  this monday could seriously use some drone coffee delivery (million dollar idea, you’re welcome, someone please get on that).

i’ve been feeling lately like things fall apart to fall back together in better alignment.  it sounds dippy, but after the morning (and subsequent day) i’ve had, it’s right on target.  several things fell through for the beginning of this week, major things.  things i’ve needed.  but hours later, it’s like all of it happened to make space for what actually needed to happen.

love that.

i’m going with some beautiful images, because i need a bit of dreamy today.  i need ephemera. which is a favorite word for nothing more than the thought it creates… indulgent, whimsical, and beautiful.

photo credit- amazing poppies, nacelle, posie dress- tumbler rabbit hole, tulle in the trees, link not found, botanical 5510- kari herer prints in anthology mag.

i want to know – new site title – reader voted

02 Jul
July 2, 2014

i’ve been messing around with lots of new things lately.  it’s exciting, and at the same time terrifying.  one of the things i’ve been doing a lot of, is studying fonts and their use.  i haven’t ever really applied text to my artwork (in anything other than concept), but i’m wanting to.  and at the same time, i’m pouring over identity (for starting a company) and the impact of font choice as it applies to branding.

since this blog is a great place to play around, i thought i’d monkey (yet again) with the site title.  i’d love to hear which one most appeals to you, and if you like, tell me why in the comments.

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keep moving forward – inspiration for the week

01 Jul
July 1, 2014

so, this week i encountered something i usually encounter when i’m working through how to do something new… the naysayer.  the person who isn’t necessarily negative, but they’re not in any way positive.  they usually end up saying one of the negative thoughts that’s gone through my mind 4 million times since i started this new venture, and in the past, i’ve let what they say become part of the force that stops me.  basically they confirm my worst fears.

but.  those fears aren’t actually founded.  i’ve taken to looking at the fear in a new way.  and i’m dealing with the fear in a new way.  i had a therapist a long time ago who had some really great strategies for dealing with a negative internal voice.  basically tell the internal voice to be quiet.  like it’s someone you would never listen to.  get stern.  get outraged.  and slowly, you’ll stop listening to the negativity.  you’ll realize that you can silence doubt by being an advocate for action.

fears are legitimate.  they should give you pause.  but, they shouldn’t stop you.  they don’t stop successful people.  i’ve realized that people who piss on your dream, probably didn’t realize a lot of their own dreams.  and i’ll state it again, because it’s become my new mantra, it’s all been done, but not by you.  just because other people want to do something, or are doing something that you want to do, doesn’t mean you can’t do it too.  there’s room in this vast world for many voices.  make yours among them.

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