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make it – handmade christmas

14 Nov
November 14, 2014

i keep telling myself i have time. i keep getting annoyed that there are christmas commercials. but really… it’s coming. and although i am a one-holiday-at-a-time type of girl, it’s time to start prepping and cutting and sewing. especially since i think i’m going to hand stitch all this business (HA! my inner naysayer says). here are 5 items to get you inspired to make something special, even if realistically it’s just 1 tiny gift for that very special someone. get the break down (and links)after the jump… Read more →

how to make it – fitted crib sheet

12 Nov
November 12, 2014

i’ve always wanted to do a tutorial. and then i start compiling the photos, and i think… ugh. i hate this. i would not want to look at this. so i started noting which tutorials i loved. they were usually beauty related. they were very tidy, pretty, and brief. so… that doesn’t always lend itself to describing how to sew something. but, i’ve tried. i’d love to hear what you think! more tutorial after the jump!  Read more →

simple geometry – pattern trend

10 Nov
November 10, 2014

soooo… maybe it’s one of those things where, you start getting interested in it, and then you see it EVERYWHERE. but it is literally, everywhere. if it’s in urban outfitters, it’s trickled down. starbucks, target… they’ve all used it in marketing. then i started compiling the images, and just doing general searches on pinterest yielded some amazing results. that burnished metal, equilateral triangle wall is stunning. and of course these aren’t necessarily derived from quilting. but it’s there in influence. i personally love the simplicity. my faves are the flor half square triangle carpeting (so colorful!) and probably that bright equilateral triangle bedding. more images after the jump…  Read more →

do it – watercolors – ongoing projects

07 Nov
November 7, 2014

i recently made a trek to what seems to be one of the only big art stores left in the city (besides the tiny dakota in ballard), blick on broadway. i didn’t realize blick bought utrecht. bummer. i loved going to utrecht. it had obviously been a while…

the last time i went i bought a few of these concentrated watercolor inks by dr. ph martin (the dropper bottles in the photo). i’ve used them on a number of tiny projects, and thought i wanted a few more… i also wanted to expand my (quality) paper supply. i’ve been practicing my calligraphy, and wanted to expand into white ink on black, and lastly, i wanted an actual watercolor palette.

blick had all of it, and free parking underneath (didn’t know until i was checking out, first hour is free). i’ve started a few projects, i’ll try to update as i can here. since they’re mostly being done at night, it’s hard to get decent photos, but maybe i’ll get adventurous and get the kids slopping about with some paints…

want to see updates on my artsy progress? follow me on instagram!

halloween – seattle style – toddler edition

05 Nov
November 5, 2014

wow. that went quick. is october really over and we’re already… days into november? surreal. and daylight savings. man that is a DOWNER. still never used to that. and kids. kids don’t care about daylight savings. we’re all hopped up on candy, and heading for a nap too late, and then it’s not long enough… darkness descends.

i had a hard time jumping into halloween this year. i had high hopes for costumes and pumpkin patches, and then the weather and the schedule just… didn’t collide. the first year we haven’t done a pumpkin patch. it’s fun to go, but it was kind of nice not to stress. and on halloween day i was at target buying my littlest a costume i should have bought the first day i saw it. which made us an hour late for our festivities. mom fail.

sometimes i think there’s too much pressure. like we have to do everything. all the trick or treating, and taking them everywhere… too much. it was nice to queue up a movie on saturday night, order some pizza and let go of all that nuttiness. all the expectation i put on us. i made a note on my october calendar (for next year) to remember not to be an insane do-everything monger.

i know i just want to savor every last bit of this season, but there is a thing as too much. sometimes saying no (or not this year) feels like the right thing. i’m getting to be ok with that.

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