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make it – resolution sheet – 2015

29 Jan
January 29, 2015

it’s been a hard path back to being on the computer… i’ve been reading, and sewing, and making. it’s been nice. i took december off from blogging to really assess if i have anything to say. i think this space has slowly evolved. and i think the things i feel like sharing are… i don’t know, maybe more inspiration based than ‘things’ based. i love inspiration… where it takes you, who it inspires. there’s hope and possibility in sharing it. i love that idea.

i did this sheet again this year, even though i had ZERO success with it last year. i think it’s a good exercise. a take stock type of thing. do i think i’ll stick to all of these? who knows. i’m not ruling it out (negative). and i do think it gives focus (positive!). i kept it in my calendar last year, and looked at it about once a month. some of the things from last year, i still want to do. and just because the year’s over, it’s not like there’s an expiration on them.

do you make resolutions? how do you feel about them mid-way through the year? i’ve seen many people coming up with a phrase for the year… a kind of motto. i like that idea too, but it seems a bit daunting. one phrase or word to keep in your mind all through the year… unsure. maybe i’ll check back in on the sheet around june… i’ve got a milestone coming up then. might be the perfect time.

want a resolution sheet of your own? click that button! (i think the only thing required is an email address- it’s free!)

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