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print contest – spoonflower – voting open

21 May
May 21, 2015

voting is now open on the spoonflower challenge- there are some ADORABLE prints entered. you can vote for as many as you like.

i’ve figured out so much during this process, and although i’m not 100% satisfied with my design (and how it represents on their site), i’m so excited that i got motivated and turned something in. sometimes it’s just about getting it out there, not making it perfect.

here’s the link to vote!

UPDATE: i was able to adjust the color on my entry! this reads so much brighter, and i’m much happier- whew!

monday motivation (on tuesday) – watercolor

19 May
May 19, 2015

i got a wee bit behind this week. i’m still not sure how. i’ve forgotten all sorts of bits, and i think my brain is still unsure that it’s nearing on late may. really? how is that.

this was a watercolor that i did for my mom for mother’s day. i also did this same phrase using masking fluid. it must be an acquired taste, because i absolutely thought it was awful, and achieved horrid results.

but this? i did like how this turned out. another phrase using just one color.

up tomorrow, voting begins on the spoonflower mermaid print. that’s kind of fun. i know any of the contest things i’ve done have been hit and miss (mostly miss), but they have been fun to do, nevertheless. i’m excited to see if there’s any feedback, and it’s always nice to see something you’ve done getting actual votes.

to your inspired week! k.



work in progress – creating pattern + creative block

15 May
May 15, 2015

so, last week i posted that i was working on a print for an upcoming spoonflower challenge.

i literally thought- this is tailor made for me! kids, pj’s, mermaids!!! then proceeded to have complete block about how to move forward.

i had an initial flurry of getting down elements, ideas. what i wanted the print to be. but there was just something… in the way. getting from a to b was an unknown, and instead of just tackling it, regardless of skill level (like i have in the past with COUNTLESS things), i think other people know better, doubt myself, and become completely immobile.

i’m so excited that i got past that nonsense. that i kept at it. i KNOW this. i’ve got this. i realize that this is nothing big… but it feels so huge in my head. not every element is perfect. i think the repeat isn’t quite what i want. but now that i’m this far, i’ll tackle getting it closer, getting it tweaked just a bit more. i’ve got a few more days, i’m jazzed i pushed through.

happy weekend! xox-k.

monday motivation – watercolor

11 May
May 11, 2015

this phrase was reader submitted- a lovely lady i met at quiltcon (but i SWEAR we’ve met elsewhere, the NW is SMALL). anyway- it’s sweet, right? a pretty sentiment about our littles.

this is actually the second attempt, the first had a very unfortunate eraser accident. patience was not on my side, and i smeared paint into the white letter space. LAME. and so discouraging. but i learned several things. the first? walk away. do something else while paint dries.

the second- achieving a continuous, cohesive color wash- it’s as much about the paint as the brush, and i’ve realized my best brush is the one i’ve been using since the beginning. it was such a revelation. i thought i’d try another brush (just to mix it up, i have many) and see what others would do. anyway- the real sable brush (i only have one). it holds the most water, it gives a good edge. the synthetic just didn’t get enough water anywhere… a happy realization.

and third- not to be intimidated by mixing custom colors. i’m not talking mixing color via brush- this piece needed enough paint to get through the whole thing. i mixed two tube colors, and found this lovely pale aqua. easy peasy.

print contest – spoonflower – mermaids

08 May
May 8, 2015

so… i’ve said it before, i’ve designed for going on 12 years. i’ve come up with thousands of concepts for artwork, and in my most recent job, i created artwork for socks. it was very… static. flat.

for years i’ve wanted to branch out into print design, and over the last year, i’ve played around with motif and ideas, but i’ve (for some reason) been really intimidated, and never finished anything.

recently i watched some of the creativebug class on designing prints, and realized i know more than i think i know. i can’t tell if that makes me feel better or worse.

since i’ve been using fridays to post about creative projects in the works, i thought i’d put this up, even though it’s not close to being finished. spoonflower is having a print contest related to kids sleepwear. i figured if there’s anything i do know, it’s kids clothing (designed for over 7 years), and maybe that would lessen the intimidation factor. now i just need to finish this up, and submit it.

to figuring it out! happy friday! xo-k.

monday motivation – watercolor

04 May
May 4, 2015

i love seeing how watercolor is going to dry. experimenting, playing, and the color mixing is so… gratifying. it’s just… different, every time.

this one is for a friend. she’s… an inspiration. i sent her a couple quotes, asked her which one she wanted and in what color. she’s made huge life changes, and followed a big dream. i’m excited for her, and just a smidge envious. last week i received a post card from paris. she’s being brave with her life for sure. it makes me want to venture out of my comfort zone more than i do. to being brave! happy monday xoxo-k.

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