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an unfinished quilt

28 Aug
August 28, 2015

a few months ago, i turned 40. it was like most birthdays, no revelation. i felt good about it. as i do on most birthdays (yay, another year alive!). a little nostalgic, a little hopeful. i consider birthdays my personal new year, and 40 feels really good to me.

so. i don’t even know how to get into this. or honestly where to take it. it was going to be a post about finishing a quilt. but i feel like you deserve some back story. i guess the start of it is, i don’t speak with my father. it’s a long drawn out thing, that mostly has to do with Read more →

poppy garden quilt – flower 1

27 Aug
August 27, 2015

so. as you might have seen in a previous post, i didn’t really have a plan for my hexies. ambiguity doesn’t suit me. i like a goal, a destination. when i started this, it was mostly just to figure it out. but sewing isn’t rocket science. so that took all of 1 day. and once you get down a rhythm, and how long something takes, you can slowly work out how long it’d take you to actually make something. i love running those math problems. if i make x number of hexies, for y number of days, how many days would it take me to make z? (6 months is the answer)

i think i’m somewhere around wanting 270 of these? maybe. i don’t know. the good thing about all of this, is if i change my mind, i could make a pillow. or appliqué them on… something. or hoard them with the rest of the fabric i have until i come up with a better, less time intensive idea. right now i’m ok with just Read more →

our favorite kids books – yeti, turn out the light!

26 Aug
August 26, 2015

i’ll admit, sometimes i buy the book because of the art, it’s the designer in me. this book is so colorful, and the art is a YES. the deer, the bunnies, the YETI. i think the first page i ever saw was the bunny page- with their sweet, big eyes, and there was no way i was putting it back.

the story is about letting your imagination run away, and being afraid of what could be in the dark. but then turning on the light, and realizing it’s nothing but something familiar. yeti clears the distractions (all his friends trying to get some shut eye, with him, in his bed) and finally gets the ZZZZzzzzz’s he needs. i love it. and with all the distractions, and times my kids are up, and up, and up and asking for one. more. thing… it’s on point. i’ve even found myself saying- yeti needs to turn out the light now and get some sleep!


the chronicle books page for yeti, turn out the light! hope you, and your wee humans like it too.



make it – EPP hexie TBD something

21 Aug
August 21, 2015

english paper piecing seems… on par with knitting to me. kind of out of my realm. it looks kind of measure-y (i’m not a measurer) and like you’d have very little tolerance for error. i don’t know. it doesn’t look like something i’d like. but i’m constantly drawn to things people make using EPP. like this. and this. AND THIS.

so. i’m not averse to learning something new, and started binge watching youtube videos. i started asking people who do it, my most pressing questions. usually – how did you get started, what’s a good resource, and how do you get your hair to look so good? here are my favorites- number 1 and number 2.

now i’m headed down this path. which feels like it’s going to last a lifetime. you could constantly do this. got ten minutes to wait for something? do a few hexies. going on a road trip? flight? root canal? make hexies. and then you’re always going to have a few spare pieces of fabric, which would make great HEXIES, OMGit’snevergoingtostop.

don’t worry. i’ll be jazzed about something else next week. xoxo- k.

p.s. above? that’s fabric soon to be hexie. project still pretty much tbd, but maybe grandmother’s flower garden. so you know, only 269 left.

our favorite kids books – octopus alone

20 Aug
August 20, 2015

i’m a sucker for anything octopus. octopus alone is a sweet little book about shying away from ogling eyes, venturing further away from home, and then missing the familiar. it’s colorful, and sweet, with the added bonus of a story we can relate to. my son often remarks that people are staring. it’s something he seems acutely aware of, even when it’s not necessarily happening. i love how this book works through doing what you need to do when you feel that way. set in the colorful, busy ocean- there’s so much to look at, point through and talk about. plus, for those of less fish knowledgeable (uh, me.), fish names! we’ve even seen some of them at the aquarium, and my son loves pointing them out. win!

the author’s facebook page for octopus alone.

interested in other books we love? click here!

make it – paint chip challenge mini

14 Aug
August 14, 2015

this is the first quilt mini that i designed myself. our modern quilt guild came up with this challenge, and at the end of the challenge, the mini’s were going to be shown during art walk at dry goods design.

i signed up, got my chip, and then promptly started procrastinating. i got a little obsessed with this kaleidoscope idea, but wasn’t sure how to execute. i drew a few bits of ideas, but then realized the real challenge was going to be finding fabric. the chip was on the pale side, and pale solids are actually harder to find than i’d thought they’d be. i found one solid in the shirting area at joanns, and decided shirting was a great resource to pursue. i went to a thrift store, started sifting through mens’ shirts, and found that super pale color that had eluded me.

i also started shifting what i wanted my mini to be. i got really into this idea of stripes, specifically hand made stripes, cross cut with themselves. the center was the focus, and then i decided to turn the sides the other direction. i got really inspired by meg callahan, i love her modern use of color cut with white. i’d actually really like to make my mini in full size. someday.

art walk has come and gone, my quilt has been returned. now this little treasure is headed to my mom and dad for their 25th wedding anniversary. i love when things i make go to people i love. i worked so hard on this, figuring out how to make my design happen, asking for help and advice from some quilting friends. it’s a different role than i’m used to as a designer, but it was so gratifying to see the finished piece as i’d envisioned. to many more sewing victories!

our favorite kids books – dragons love tacos

12 Aug
August 12, 2015

dragons love tacos is adorably written. asking questions, interrupting itself… it truly is a cute book. plus, we talk a lot about dragons in our house, and now we know some things they love. like parties. and tacos. and taco parties. plus, tummy troubles is a perfect way to talk about spicy food, and when something’s up with your stomach. breathing fire puts that whole situation into perspective. it’s a fun read, and definitely on our weekly rotation.

there’s even a cute little website dedicated to this book. see? adorable. xoxo- k.

*these are not paid posts. we love to read. we love books. just sharing one toddler book at a time. hope you enjoy them as much as we do, we’d love to hear if you love them too!

monday inspiration – color mood – summer warmth

10 Aug
August 10, 2015

ahhh monday. i have such a long list of things to do. what i’d like to do, is go lay under that blue sky and soak up some of that warm, warm sunshine. you know, with 50+ block, and a big hat. it feels like these days are going to be gone in a snap. this morning we all had a sleep in due to that murky cloud cover. you know it’s august

this little mood board is mostly for fun, but also a study of warm apricot vs. outright orange. i’ve started a new project, and i’m looking at fuchsias, oranges, aubergines, and poppy reds. right now, i’m trying to hone in on the pales. where they fit in. the best to offset an eggplant purple. i love it with pale apricot. i’m also really loving those pops of navy and emerald above, plus that mustard yellow!!! ahhh, color. you make me forget it’s monday.

top left, going clockwise- antique bobbins of silk thread, photo from etsy shop worthygoodstextile, a beautiful quilt from the tokyo quilt festival, taken by molly stevens. pink floral delpozo gown, photo by ann street studio. vintage bridal shower invite, couldn’t find source, and mimi holliday cennet romper from anthropology (no longer available).

enjoy the rest of your day! xoxo- k.

make it – half-square-triangle quilt throw

07 Aug
August 7, 2015

this quilt was a much overdue thank you. a good friend stayed with our toddler while we went into the hospital to have a baby. about 2.5 years ago. ok, so i’m a little behind.

it was such a load off our minds that he was hanging with a friendly face, and probably having a blast, i resolved to make something special for her. then you deal with a baby for about a year (or 18), and life, with all it’s thank-you projects, gets put on hold.

i’ve finally started carving out some time, and making myself tackle a few things… this was my first finished full size quilt, and i couldn’t have been happier that it’s going to a good home, and will get used and loved.

the cause of all this gratitude is in the third photo… always ‘helping’. cutie.

want to make your own HST throw? here’s a great HST tutorial to get you started. xox-k.

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