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things moms don’t want to hear – from a mom

30 Sep
September 30, 2015

i wrote this post a while back. i forgot about it. something happened recently and it came back to me. i try not to vent. for reals. but man i’m tired. i’m sooooo tired. i’m am so… blessed… tired. in life, i’ve been through all nighters, and working weird hours at multiple jobs, finals weeks, and big project crunch times. none of it, NONE OF IT compares to having kids. two toddlers, 24/7. you know when i get a break? i have no idea. sometimes between 8:30pm and 11pm? maybe. maybe not.

two and half years of no sleep, and interrupted sleep, and being so tired… maybe i’m less tolerant of listening to other people comment on my situation. i know that’s a fact. because i literally snapped at someone at the store the other day, and then wondered about 8 hours later (after some food and a tiny bit of sleep) if i was a little harsh. and then i said- you know what? no. it’s not ok to say whatever pops into your head about me, my parenting, my kids… people need to edit.

all of this to say- these are the things you should skip saying. things i’m tired of apologizing for. my mindset of waiting for judgement from people (outside our circle), and usually, getting it. i’m shocked that people butt in so far as to address my children, and feel like they can correct their behavior. that they question the job i’m doing, when my children appear healthy, mostly clean, somewhat dressed… so here are a few things i’m suggesting you edit out of your interaction with strangers-

don’t you have your hands full!‘ – usually followed by how i could get my kids in better check. look, i know my kids are high energy. they’re loud. a little crazy, curious. they can’t sit still to save their lives, they have very little Read more →

farmer’s wife 1930 – quilt along – becky block

29 Sep
September 29, 2015

to be honest, i wasn’t going to start something else. but then i started working out how i could make it something completely different from the book. something modern, and minimal. something that felt far more depression era for me. and i got a little hooked by the idea. i started laying out fabrics that were already in my house, a complete grey scale, with pops of murky colors. i started realizing these blocks were so tiny, scraps could be used, and tiny bits of things. i got hooked.

the second block in the photo, i drew up beforehand, and worked out the lay out. probably drew up 10 different options. of course, i went with the first one. lesson to self.

the first block in the photo, i decided to do without a layout plan. this project is going to be helpful for me. there’s something about quilting i just can’t get in my head. i thought it was the measuring, and the preciseness. it’s not that- i do that better than i thought. it’s the… where to put the colors. as a designer, i can always picture something in my head before i start. i think i’ve had that skill since i was a kid. visualization. but it’s not there with quilting. or it’s there, but very limited.

making this palette really clean and bare, yesterday when i made these, i got a little more confident filling in as i went. with each block, i chose 4-5 colors, and that helped, narrowing choices. i’m so pleased with how these went. i’m excited for the next block to be released.

want to participate in the quilt along? here’s  all the info via gnomeangel.

poppy garden quilt – flower 10

29 Sep
September 29, 2015

fabric name: garden pin dot in tangerine

designer: house designer

brand: michael miller

i have a high number of dot fabrics. this one appeals because that punchy orange is super bright and happy, and i kind of prefer an uneven, tossed dot, as opposed to the more symmetrical, even polka.

happy almost friday!

super moon lunar eclipse – sunday

27 Sep
September 27, 2015

i don’t really get too much opportunity to play with camera junk these days. but i have all of it. so when i kept going outside to check and see if the moon was out, and COMPLETELY MISSED WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE. i freaked, and grabbed all the good stuff, and went out in the front yard to capture it. the results aren’t great, but i wanted to show the kids. i think for stellar (see what i did there) results, you’d have to get away from the street light directly in front of my camera, but not bad.

it was so cool– did you see it where you are?

make it – poppy garden quilt check in

25 Sep
September 25, 2015

this started out really random. i don’t know that it’s gotten any less random. frankly, i just enjoy having something to hand sew each night. it’s a great way to unwind from the day. and slowly, it’s just adding up.

these aren’t the greatest photos (it’s a grey, gloomy day), but i haven’t seen all the flowers together, spread out. i basically have them Read more →

poppy garden quilt – flower 9

24 Sep
September 24, 2015

fabric name: summer ride in melon

line: wee wander

designer: sarah jane

brand: michael miller

this wee wander fabric was one of the first quilting fabrics i ever bought. i loved a lot of this line- i’m drawn to hand drawn looking motifs that are sweet, and it’s super soft. i chose not to fussy cut this (not something i have a lot of patience for, and i’m not fond of the waste), just let it come out how it did. there’s a coordinating floral that will come up later…

forever from a garden – 9 years

23 Sep
September 23, 2015

every anniversary, i look through photos. the times we were dating. the parties we had. our wedding, and then wow, everything since then. 9 years of marriage feels both so short, and like forever. i look at the photo above, and remember, ish, my thoughts. it was such a pretty day, that garden was stunning, and alive, and i was marrying this amazing guy i’d found- it felt dizzying. the sense of hope and anticipation was so palpable. to have so many people around us celebrating, i literally felt giddy and like i was buzzing all day.

i wish there was some concise thought i could come up with to impart what marriage feels like. maybe that everyone experiences, and does it, differently. that there’s no wrong way for two people to keep moving forward together. i often wonder what we do different from the people who don’t make it, and i think… it feels deeper than a conscious thought. it feels like there is no decision to stop or give up. we belong together, on the path together, making what we’re making. i don’t question it. my questions are usually just how we can work past differences, fights, hurts, and remain in sync.

i often go back to that day, in that garden, and think how easy it was to pledge to be together, forever. that on the first day, you don’t know what they rest of the days will be like. on the first day, all the days are going to be amazing. who envisions the bad stuff? but the bad stuff, with the right person, isn’t as horrible. the overall feeling after 9 years, is still optimism. i still look at my husband and can’t believe my luck. that we found each other. i wish for a million more moments of laughing, joking, crying, fighting, adventures, kisses, sharing… to forever, and everything that brings.

poppy garden quilt – flower 8

22 Sep
September 22, 2015

fabric brand: possibly kona?

color: close to berry, but clearer, and brighter

i’m so glad this is the first solid featured! i have zero plan with the order in which these are getting done, but i couldn’t resist sewing these. i also couldn’t resist doing four in this color, as opposed to the usual two. there might be a few solids that get this treatment. i’ve found such amazing colors in solids, and have a zillion in my own collection of fabric! i’ve bought this color… at least 3 times? and then recently when at circa15, i bought it again. at least my brain is consistent, even if my memory is faulty. this color is super close to kona solid in berry, but i will sleuth some more to get the correct line and color. xoxo- k.

p.s. 4 of the 5 different centers are in this shot! (it’s not that exciting. but kind of?)

how to – transfer a pattern

21 Sep
September 21, 2015

a million years ago {LITERALLY} i went to fashion design school. i learned all sorts of useful things, and then went to work as a designer in a corporate environment for 12 or so years, and promptly forgot most of them.

but! every so often, i get inspired to sew, and when i do, some of those things come back to me.

so you may have heard {OR NOT} i’m going to be teaching intro apparel sewing at circa15 fabric studio in kirkland. insert loud, high pitched *squeal* here. i’m very excited, and somewhat nervous, but mostly… ADULTS. and talking full sentences, and showing other people how to do something really fun!

i decided that our class needs a full size run of samples in this tank. if you’ve ever created a full size run, you might know, you start with the biggest size and Read more →

gathering supplies for english paper piecing

19 Sep
September 19, 2015

i’ve actually enjoyed starting this project so much, and found a rhythm with such ease, i wanted to share the process.

so maybe a month ago, i got really inspired to pursue learning english paper piecing (epp). i watched a few youtube videos, read a few posts… i checked out some projects via pinterest that can be made by this process, and then, i just kind of went for it.

i think this process appeals to me so much because Read more →

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