accessory friday – downtown seattle

01 May
May 1, 2009

this is emily.  i’m going to apologize to emily right now for possibly frightening her or not communicating well what it was that we wanted.  1st and marion early in the morning was a little hectic (who knew ?) what with ferry traffic and a bus stop… we couldn’t keep up with all the people we wanted pictures of, and most of them ran away from us… having said that… emily had very simple, lovely style (that you can see full-length next week !)… great use of color and this very cool and unique bag.  i thought it was tapestry, but having looked it over in the photo… it’s beaded.  which makes me think of beaded purses that i have, that for many years, i was saving.  finally… loving one of them so much, i used to take it out and just look at it… i started using them.  sometimes daily.  and if they die an untimely, unbeaded death… so it goes.  the pleasure from using an item that’s special or delicate… of carrying around something that’s not going to last years… it was an indulgence, but not everything is meant to be kept forever.

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