accessory friday – downtown seattle

01 May
May 1, 2009

i wish i could remember this woman’s name.  john did a great job of writing people’s names down, but when i stopped this lady, he was on the other side of the street (we were going to cross, but then i saw her)… the one thing i saw in a lot of handbags… including the lady i stopped after this woman, who wouldn’t let me get a photo, was how seattle ladies use a bag to incorporate some really fun color.  i think especially for work there was a lot of monochromatic or muted shades and then these really great playful pops on bags.  even on the secondary pack bag (see: courtney and molly) it was a vehicle for getting more color in… orange, lime green, magenta.  i have a yellow bag this very color (i might have forgotten that) and i should get it out.  it will go great with my new navy spring coat… now if only spring would stick around so i can finally put the down away… we can wish.  happy friday !

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