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01 May
May 1, 2009
when i was 9 and in mrs. pace-mcginnis’ 4th grade class… we had what was called… fun day friday.  if you did all the classwork, and turned in all the homework… you got to participate.  to a 9 year old, it was heaven.  you got to eat… in the classroom !  play games, and just generally goof off.  while the poor suckers who didn’t get a star in EVERY SINGLE BOX had to do WORK.  heaven.  somehow… i’ve managed to retain my love of fridays.  especially the goof off part (maybe i always goof off).  anyway, i wanted to make friday posts extra friday-ey and save them for accessories.  maybe this is exciting to no one but me… it’s possible.  i have a whole drawer of summer scarves (the winter one have been rotated !  finally !).  a whole drawer of evening handbags.  a special piece of furniture for jewelry… it’s possible i’m accessory-centric, but i try to never over do it when i leave the house.  and one item dear to my heart is the handbag.  i won’t tell you how many i have… you can’t admit to things your husband would be incredulous over on the internet… i want to have fun tonight.  it’s friday !

this is sheena.  sheena looked so professional for a woman who i took to be near 20.  i didn’t ask her age.  but i did appreciate her monochromatic brown, tan, sable look, and then we saw it about 4 other times around the city.  brown is spring’s black we figured… and no one wants winter to be over like a seattlite (ok, maybe minnisotans have it worse).  i swear (as i get more organized and learn some groan-worthy lessons) that i’ll ask who made what, or what you’re wearing… because in this series… i have no idea who made any of these handbags.  speak up if you do.

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