great accessories – elisa – downtown seattle

09 Nov
November 9, 2009
From needle+thread

which only makes sense.  since she’s the design director of accessories at the big N.  loved the layering, and that skirt seemed to possibly be a sweater dress (or have a sweater yoke?)… i can’t get enough of the oversize stitch knits.  cowls, cocoon sweaters… i’ve gone a little overboard.  and those boots… lovee how boots are coming with the burnishing.  finally!  you don’t have to wear them in to get that great aged patina.

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4 replies
  1. Sara S says:

    This is such a great photo. I love the background lighting.
    Also, scarves and boots are my favorite!

  2. jaunty magpie says:

    I like the whole series of these taken on a blustery day. I think that’s when Seattle really shines, when the weather is tricky, people find a way to “make it work” and put their best fashion foot forward.

  3. PeteDin206 (ie her husband) says:

    I definitely picked a good one… She always has such great style, as she should considering she is from NYC.

  4. flo chan says:

    She makes Seattle so stylist!! Love everything she wears! Pretty girl too.

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