scarves – ballard market 4.26.09

26 Apr
April 26, 2009

she had the greatest orange accessories, i noticed the necklace when i took her picture, but just now noticed the ring.

great style.  young, fun and love all the layering.  i’m sure it gets cold out there, but she rocked the skirt with great leg covering.
this lovely lady made the earrings and necklace that she’s wearing, and although they don’t seem to show, the earrings that the girl below is wearing.  you can find her items (great bracelets !) here.

love everything about her outfit, down to the vans… great mix of color, and accessories.

the first marketer i encountered, and i secretly wanted to touch this scarf… it looked so light and soft.
i can’t think of anything i like more than getting up early on a sunday, beating everyone to the great breakfast places, leisurely eating my breakfast with good conversation and strong coffee and then strolling through the sunday market… i love seeing what people pick to wear on a day off.  it’s like the no fuss day, and there were so many great details.  i decided to pick scarves specifically, and this is what i found… such a great seattle accessory for when you want to add that bit of almost-spring to what is technically still your winter-wear… hard to believe it’s almost may… fingers crossed for the warm up. 
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3 replies
  1. jennie k. says:

    and the lady behind the one with the light and soft scarf looks so lovely, as well! 🙂

  2. Kam Martin says:

    doesn’t she ? i told her we’d have to play a ‘where’s p. ?’ game… in future photos, look for her to be wearing a stripe shirt and red stocking cap… : )

  3. Me says:

    Next time she will try to look as though she belongs on the style blog 😉

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