seattle tradition – juan – downtown seattle

23 Sep
September 23, 2009
From needle+thread

i wonder that he’s still doing what he used to do. i saw him out there with the sign, but he was just holding it. maybe he’s become more peaceful. although, judging by the sign, the sentiment is still there.

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5 replies
  1. Strath says:

    That's a funny photo, his shirt says it's party time, and he seems to be enjoying having his photo taken, but the stuff on the sign is so nutty. It's like: "You are devil. Can I interest you in a mai-tai?" Maybe he's just gotten into the habit of holding this sign and he's over it now, but he's still gonna do it until he figures out what to do next. Anyway, nice work, glad to see it up in the mix.

  2. Jamieofalltrades says:

    Did he pose for you? Wow, seriously amazing. That guys always scared me but he actually looks very tranquil right now. I'm so curious about your interaction with him!

  3. Kam Martin says:

    yeah… if you don't know him, or haven't heard him, the two are very incongruent. he's kind of infamous in downtown as the 'seattle po-lice are communists' guy. he stands on a corner (outside barney's) and yells at the traffic.

    my interaction with him was very tentative. i wasn't sure how it would be received when i asked to take his picture. i believe he said he was cuban, and he speaks…it's almost a gibberish, a mix of english, and kind of a made up way of talking. he was actually very sweet. we took several pictures, and then i offered him a card, so he could find the picture. the gist of what i got back, was that he had no need of the picture. i think they don't let him yell at traffic anymore. he was just standing there with his sign, and when i approached him, he seemed to be taking a coffee break…

  4. A Logical Mess - Professional Organizer says:

    Maybe he finally lost his voice? It's been getting raspier and raspier over the years. Thanks for getting a pic of his sign… I never knew what it said as I was too scared to stop and read it! The only thing I could ever understand him saying was something about the Seattle Police. I wonder where he lives? How does he make a living? Need MORE INFO!!

  5. Saltina says:

    Nice! I always called him The Yeller. He's always seemed very organized with his tote.

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