talent – heily – seattle fashion tv event – waterfront

09 Oct
October 9, 2009
From needle+thread

that gorgeous dress she’s wearing… she made it. like with her hands. i’m always impressed when i see someone wearing something, and not only do i love it, i think… when she tells me where she got it, i’m going to go buy it! i wonder if handmade, beautiful dresses are in the budget… see heily’s designs here.

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4 replies
  1. Maya says:

    I like some of her designs. I also like that she seems to use "real" women as her models!

  2. denise, the prime magpie says:

    Beautiful. The detail work on that dress makes me swoon. That dress will never go out of style — so timeless!

  3. Ms. B says:

    Oh another gorgeous dress you've captured!!

  4. Kam Martin says:

    this dress was amazing. the pleating detail, the luxe/metallic top, beading at the neck, even that belt! truly classic. it's a shape/fabric/color that will retain longevity. heily has amazing talent, i look forward to seeing more…

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