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10 Aug
August 10, 2009
From needle+thread

he had the most gorgeous hair, and it looked shiny, healthy clean, bonus points for a teenage boy (i had brothers). his kicks, his guns and roses tee, the bandana…

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6 replies
  1. Darrah says:

    I wonder what kind of conditioner he uses…

  2. Rebecca, The Clothes Horse says:

    I was nowhere near that cool when I was his age…

  3. Kam Martin says:

    i actually thought both these things as i was posting the photo… not conditioner specifically, but hair regimen. and yeah, i put very little thought into dress at his age, and hence, was nowhere near as cool.

  4. Maverick Malone says:

    Wow, he looks kind of like my brother, only my brother has a mass of mangles and tangles in his hair. I'll have to get my bro some Pro-V or something, ASAP. Very cool 🙂

  5. holyfire001202 says:

    Hey, it's me, Anthony. It doesn't matter what conditioner I use, my hair is always that fantastic. 😀
    I just don't straighten it or blowdry it or anything really to damage it.
    In fact, even if I don't get to use conditioner and have to go with just shampoo, my hair is still the softest hair I've ever felt.

  6. Kam Martin says:

    hey !! so glad you showed up ! there was lots of interest in your gorgeous locks, thanks for giving us the low-down !

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