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18 Jun
June 18, 2010

this first week of the new job has been FUN! i’ve already learned a ton about legwear. like jeggings, and treggings… who knew? i saw ben and had to get a picture. i’ll be designing some legwear for spring 11 over the weekend… would love to hear your thoughts on the legging trends!

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  1. TheLadyDayDreamer says:

    Hey N+T,

    Designing legwear sounds like a lot of fun! Thoughts, hmmmm…. As someone in their late twenties, when the leggings/jeggings/treggings trend first appeared, I assumed it was more for the juniors market. I’ve gotten more and more into it since the trend began, but think it would be nice to be able to choose from a selection of legwear that is stylish and makes a statement, yet is designed with a more adult/sophisticated consumer in mind.

    I’ve wanted to wear leggings/statement hoisery to work (office job), but have struggled with doing so in a proffesional manner, so I think something to address this “need” would be great.

    Well, thats my .02

  2. admin says:

    hey there! thanks so much for the comment, i agree… age applicable is a struggle. i find i’m ok with some of this stuff, as long as my be-hind is covered. someone else suggested control top… i am ALL over that idea!

  3. Asli Omur says:

    whoa! That’s an amazing picture … your work and photography is absolutely stunning. Wonderful eye!

    What moxie it takes to wear heels, jeggings and hand on hip … and be a guy … in the middle of Seattle! Bravo to him and you for catching this shot.

    Jeggings, treggings, leggings … they are timeless.

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