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farmer’s wife 1930 – quilt along – caroline block

02 Nov
November 2, 2015

for reals this block was difficult. maybe because i sat down after my trip, and hadn’t sewn for a bit… maybe because i was tired. no idea, but i took this thing apart 5 times. no. joke.

it didn’t help that i kept saying- ok, now i know what i’m doing. sometimes that sums up how i feel about quilting. like just because Read more →

make it – farmer’s wife 1930 – check in week 5

30 Oct
October 30, 2015

have there really been 5 weeks already? time’s a flyin.

so, when i lay these all out… i squeal. that’s good, right? i have so much sewing to do these days. teaching two classes, making gifts for that big holiday right around the corner, ugh, HALLOWEEN. and i want make everything, it’s just impossible to figure out when. the days i have daycare are dedicated to work projects. this is purely enjoyment, and let’s be honest, selfish.

i’ve made a list of all the works-in-progress i have right now, and i’m starting to feel… embarrassed. like i need to redeem myself and finish something (halloween costume, maybe?). since this project has a year away due date… i may not be getting back to it for a couple weeks.

or let’s be really honest, and i’ll just forgo sleep and crank out some blocks. xoxo- k.


farmer’s wife 1930 – quilt along – aimee block

29 Oct
October 29, 2015

i’ve had these 3 versions of aimee cut out for forever. they’ve patiently sat waiting til i finished other quilt along blocks, then took a trip to az, then started sewing another quilt, wait- two other quilts (i have issues), then started halloween sewing, a tank top (!!!), and then i finally got back to them.


the first was that middle one. then the right, then the left. after the previous time of laying all my blocks out together, i decided i needed to lighten and brighten, and frankly, start popping with the color. i don’t want a downer quilt. i love grey just as much as the next seattle girl, but… i realized i’m really drawn to the little bits of color in the blocks.

so- i had these drawn completely different. mostly dark. since i think i want a mix of greys for sashing- white and color are the new goals. there will still be a dark block here and there, but i love assessing and re-adjusting. there’s no long term plan. and every time i lay them out- swoon! to see all the blocks together…. check back tomorrow! xoxo- k.

make it – make-up tea service

28 Oct
October 28, 2015

i have a lot of really ridiculous wants. and when you live in a tiny house, you have to be pretty selective about ridiculousness. like, for instance. books. do you want books, or do you want fabric? these are tough discussions i have in my head pretty much any time i think of procuring something. recently visiting my mom, she was wanting to gift me some things. cool things, vintage things. things i’m sure 10 year ago me would have been all over. but now i have in my house: 2 more people, yards more fabric, billions of kid toys… and i have to think… no. sadly. no.

but. things that have dual purpose? yes. cool old things that can be repurposed. of course. i’ve have wanted a tea service for forever. it’s a childish thing maybe, tea parties, old school movies where the classy lady Read more →

poppy garden quilt – flower 20

27 Oct
October 27, 2015

fabric name:


i’m getting so close to being done with purples. technically, i guess i am done, but there’s still several more yet to post. this large scale, rosy floral is so bright and lovely. it’s less of a purple really, and more the aubergine with hints of purple, coral.

i’m excited to move on to the next color… but don’t worry, there’s a few more purples to go. which color do you think is coming next…? xoxo- k.

do it – learn apparel sewing

26 Oct
October 26, 2015

this past weekend, i went to a party. that’s epic. i don’t think i’ve been to a party, minus my kids since… christmas 2013. not kidding. i was jazzed.

it was great to see so many people i’ve known for so long, so much so, that i started feeling human again. i was… buzzing.

and standing next to a woman i’ve known as an acquaintance for over a decade, she turned to me and mentioned the class i had coming up. somewhat inquisitively, somewhat curiously… and it seemed that she might like to come. so i said- ‘you should come, it’s going to be fun’. and she replied- but it’s in kirkland. (cue slow, sad, buzz killing music…)

i’ve designed clothing for 12 years. i was laid off during  Read more →

make it – farmer’s wife 1930s check in

24 Oct
October 24, 2015

i feel a wee bit behind this week. i did get a few blocks done (above 3 versions of belle), but i think this block is technically from last week. i have 4 more in the queue (2 carolines, and 2 aimees), and seeing the 3 blocks announced this week, i feel some pressure.

feels like time is going to start flying. i’ve got halloween costumes to finish, christmas gift making to start… before i know it, i’ll be giving those gifts. but it does feel nice to take a little time out and make the blocks, read some letters from the book. i keep telling myself, it’s two blocks. two! that’s a couple hours a week.

i knew i was going to take some weeks off, i just didn’t realize taking weeks off would come with this… pressure. seeing everyone’s blocks posted, i want to keep up. it’s a good reminder that i stress about too many things, and this is meant to be fun. a journey. i’m giving myself some grace to not get too wrapped up over being a few blocks behind.

i’m sure they’ll get done. sooner or later. maybe january is the perfect time to bust out some blocks. 😉 xoxo- k.

want to join in the quilt along? gnomeangel is hosting one and so is very kerry berry.

poppy garden quilt – flower 19

22 Oct
October 22, 2015

fabric name:


i bought this forever ago, on a trip out to island quilter. i don’t think the picture does the color justice. it’s an interesting mix of almost mauve pink/lavender. i think i bought it to match something, and it didn’t. at all. but it’s perfect for this.

making meals – creamy chicken + broccoli + bacon

21 Oct
October 21, 2015

i’m such a fan of quick meals. new meals. easy meals. meals everyone will eat. i recently discovered the littlest in our house loves bacon. i’m trying out recipes with her new favorite ingredient. yay for pinterest.

this dish was SO EASY. i’ve tried fettuccine with alfredo before, with not so great results. not sure what was different about this one, but it was perfect. i subbed out regular bacon with uncured turkey bacon, and it was delish. also, the way she cooked the chicken breasts to begin with- i’d never done that. YUM. i’ll make them like that again for other dishes. i usually roast in the oven. this was quicker, and in my opinion, equally tasty. also, just as an aside- this recipe made a lot of sauce. i thought maybe too much. but once you get everything mixed together, it was perfect.

find the recipe for creamy chicken with broccoli and bacon on julia’s album. or visit my food board on pinterest and find all the new recipes i hoard. xoxo- k.

poppy garden quilt – flower 16, 17, 18

20 Oct
October 20, 2015

it’s possible i’ve already posted one of these- the one on the far right has been done the longest. since they’re all pale lavender, i thought i’d post them together. i personally see more of a difference between them in this photo, but i actually stitched a hexie from one, to one of the others, and then in daylight, realized. the hazards of sewing in the evenings. the far right is a linen blend i got at nancy’s, the other two? no idea. good pales are hard to find, and if i see one i like, i usually tend to buy a bit.

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