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work style – downtown seattle

30 Apr
April 30, 2009
my friend john and i had high hopes for finding some people this morning at bus stops, but… ended up walking the streets downtown.  work style was a lot more tricky, people in a hurry aren’t really interested in having their picture snapped.  but thanks to the people who took a moment, we’ll be posting a few each day for a week… check back for you photo if you don’t see it, i’ll also be using some of the photos for item specific posts – purses.  thanks for stopping by !

Font sizethis is molly.  doesn’t she look great ?  out of most of the people we shot, all of the nordstrom folk were pretty stylish.  we forgot to tell molly good luck… hey molly… good luck !

scarves part 3 – ballard market 4.26.09

26 Apr
April 26, 2009

hat, scarf, gloves… all different… but seemingly still great together.  such good color.  i really wanted her belt.

this gentleman made his scarf… handy guy to have around.

scarves part 2 – ballard market 4.26.09

26 Apr
April 26, 2009

great mixes of color and layers… love that there isn’t all that much black/gray/dark among them… and where there is, there’s pops of bright.

scarves – ballard market 4.26.09

26 Apr
April 26, 2009

she had the greatest orange accessories, i noticed the necklace when i took her picture, but just now noticed the ring.

great style.  young, fun and love all the layering.  i’m sure it gets cold out there, but she rocked the skirt with great leg covering.
this lovely lady made the earrings and necklace that she’s wearing, and although they don’t seem to show, the earrings that the girl below is wearing.  you can find her items (great bracelets !) here.

love everything about her outfit, down to the vans… great mix of color, and accessories.

the first marketer i encountered, and i secretly wanted to touch this scarf… it looked so light and soft.
i can’t think of anything i like more than getting up early on a sunday, beating everyone to the great breakfast places, leisurely eating my breakfast with good conversation and strong coffee and then strolling through the sunday market… i love seeing what people pick to wear on a day off.  it’s like the no fuss day, and there were so many great details.  i decided to pick scarves specifically, and this is what i found… such a great seattle accessory for when you want to add that bit of almost-spring to what is technically still your winter-wear… hard to believe it’s almost may… fingers crossed for the warm up. 

hats 3.26.09

03 Apr
April 3, 2009

being that this was my first venture into asking people for their picture, there aren’t as many as i’d like… and there were so many that day… i’ll get better at bugging people, or being quicker on the draw.  these girls are a great representation, and proof that it’s easy to wear hats.

seattle style

03 Apr
April 3, 2009

ive lived in seattle for 9 years.  before that, i lived an hour and half north of here, and when i came to seattle, one of my favourite places to meander was the market.  even now, as a local, it never seems cliche’ to me to go there to connect to my city.  i never get tired of wandering there.  poking through new corners.  going a little further than i went last time.

a new goal has been to document some seattle fashion.  seattle is a land of individualists.  people who don’t conform to the rules of other cities.  it’s a joke that we wear fleeces and socks with sandals, and i won’t even argue with you, i own more fleece than i did when i lived in arizona.  and my tevas are beloved, although i would sooner set fire to hair than wear them with socks.  but i get it.

i want just a little bit of what my city looks like here.  from the man selling produce with the wicked style, to the girls walking around in herds starting the new grunge.  i love living here, and i’ve always loved people watching.  this is my way to connect to where i live and be inspired.
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