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20 Nov
November 20, 2009

sometimes when people tell you that you have to get a permit, you should just ignore them.  it goes against my sensibilities to ignore little old ladies, but that being said, sometimes they’re just on an age power trip.  and it definitely irks me to listen someone in an OFFICE tell me what i can do OUTDOORS, but i did grit my teeth, and fill out the paperwork.  and after all that… bureaucracy… what do i have to show for it?  nothing. well, the filled out paperwork, and some emails, but certainly no permit to take pictures.  so i just decided to take my camera AND my friend and go take all the pictures i wanted.  and we couldn’t have had a better day.  a beautiful fall day in discovery park.  we ran (ok, sheena did most of the running), we laughed like maniacs… and we saw about 10 other people taking pictures.  so if any of you want to turn me in, i have evidence that i wasn’t the only one.  there are so many beautiful places in seattle, who could resist… enjoy.

sheena mixes up her hunter boots and print romper.  she’s a natural.

From needle+thread

everyone should look this pretty in a field-  romper mixed with navy blazer and pearls.

From needle+thread

this was where the laughing happened.

From needle+thread

running from the paparazzi.

From needle+thread

more laughing…

From needle+thread

can you believe she was going to take this blazer back?  good thing she didn’t.

From needle+thread

the sun comes out- mixed with long, red cardi, necklaces and belt.

From needle+thread

she shines.

From needle+thread

hunter wellies are the perfect fall footwear.

From needle+thread

fur fascinator- vintage shop find.

From needle+thread

sometimes mix of texture and pattern is just right.

From needle+thread

autumn postcard. mixed with long, grey cardi and red beret.

there’s one more picture over at our seattle P-I blog… check it out!

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8 replies
  1. Karen says:

    Kam- these are wonderful pictures! It looks like the two of you had fun that day…so important when you are doing portrait photography…she looks very relaxed and natural and of course Sheena is such a lovely model!

  2. Lynn S says:

    These are beautiful! I knew it was Discovery Park the moment I looked it. That place is basically my favorite place EVER! I love your blog even more now! Keep up the good work!

  3. jaunty magpie says:

    What a great set of photos at such a beautiful place. When it’s that time of the day and you’re outside in a spot like that, you really feel like you have the rare luxury of having the space to think.

  4. Cathy says:

    Lovely photos! I am also a photographer and have to say I enjoyed looking them over. Discovery Park is also one of my favorite locations to shoot at.
    Very nice!

  5. platypusrex256 says:

    these are some pretty fantastic pictures.

  6. ashley w says:

    i love this photoshoot, i need to know where those exquisite hunter boots came from, there beautiful!

  7. le blog de leen says:

    i adooore your rainboots 🙂


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