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06 Nov
November 6, 2009
From needle+thread

this machine is the reformer, it breaks old habits (i kid). brook wears a crow sweatshirt by mission playground from REI, blue pants from patagonia.

the onset of Fall. the tunnel of darkness thru january. the holidays are coming.  i literally just had 5lbs of candy in my house, it’s all gone, and I can’t admit that I gave even the majority of it to trick or treaters. time for some pre-new year’s resolutions. enter brook of young pilates.  their bright, warm yellow studio is just the thing to chase away your seasonal affective disorder, those tiny snickers bars that somehow made their way into your purse, the 2 plates of turkey goodness I’m signing up for right now.  if you’re looking for a class, some instruction, one on one training… they’ve got you covered.  in the queen anne neighborhood on the interbay side… i caught up with brooke a few weeks ago to check out her sporty style. here’s what she wears when she works out… guess i need to upgrade my basic black sweats.

NT: describe your style to me.
BY: my style is definitely casual.  and it’s also kind of seattle based.  i’ve lived here my whole life, and I think what I wear reflects that.  it’s an interesting evolution in that, a lot of people here don’t have to have a separate set of work clothes or after work clothes.  you can go from the office to the activity.

From needle+thread

having a ball. red shirt- horny toad from title nine, blue pants- patagonia.

NT: what do you look for when you’re purchasing clothing?
BY: comfort first, for sure, because this is my work uniform… exercise clothes are what I wear every single day.  so comfort, but i like to have a little bit of style to that as well… it’s really not just sweatpants and sweatshirts anymore, there are some great labels that have come out that have comfortable and cute clothes.

NT: who do you like brand-wise?
BY: i prefer to choose my clothing based on how it is made. i go for sustainable fabrics like hemp, bamboo and tencel, a cool new fabric made from wood cellulose.

NT: do you do pilates everyday?
BY: i don’t do pilates everyday, but i do exercise everyday.

NT: does it influence what you put on in the morning?
BY: definitely. because my day is usually spent teaching pilates and running my business, and then trying to fit in my own exercise before i go home.  so i’m thinking what can i wear that represents me as a business owner, but will survive getting sweaty when i work out.

From needle+thread

magic pilates genie on the wunda chair. pink top- om girl from lucy, pants- lucy.

NT: when you’re not dressing for exercise- is this your everyday look?
BY: you know, it has become, because i’ve been doing this for a decade now, it’s sort of become my wardrobe.

NT: what about color?
BY: i love color.  i rarely ever wear just black- i like blues, reds pinks, i’m open to wearing any color.

NT: is there any piece that you’re looking for right now?
BY: i’m always looking for the perfect pair of pants.  my waist is really narrow, and hips and bum are bigger- like a true female shape, and it’s hard to find pants that aren’t super clingy, and actually comfortable, that don’t show every flaw.

NT: i think i’ve tried on just about every active pant made.
BY: i have very few.  they’re practically impossible to find.

NT: do you leave the house wearing sweatpants?
BY: i do.  but they’re cute sweatpants.

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