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15 Jul
July 15, 2009

i sometimes feel like this blog is quick and dirty.  i’m in, i get a picture, i’m out.  i’ve met a lot of really great people.  I’ve bugged a lot of really great people.  i’ve met people i want to grill about their fashion, but that isn’t what’s here… and so… i’ve created a second space.  something a little more in depth.  it’s been difficult to get people to commit to a little more time, i little more hassle, a little more of me in your face with a camera just a little bit longer, but i’m very pleased with the result.  thank you to tara at hazel salon (and also maria) for helping me get it going… stay tuned for a very lovely 3rd who will soon be joining their ranks.  i hope to post there weekly with a more in depth style bio.  fun !

photo courtesy of patrick- find his lovely pictures here
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