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29 Apr
April 29, 2015

for the last 6 months or so, i’ve been addicted to the library. i think it was our daycare that reminded me it even existed. back when i had just a bit more expendable income, buying books was a habit. kind of an obsession. even after kids, i always justified money for books. we read most of our kids books at least once a week. we read some of our books every day. borrowing books has opened our world. into planets? we can borrow 10 books on planets. love legos? 5 books borrowed. and the idea that these aren’t ours, that we share them with everyone, and need to take care of them… so good for little minds.

the seattle public library also has a great online system, and also the ability to borrow e-books. how rad is it to reserve a book, get an email when it comes available, download it, and return it, all without leaving the house, or having extra errands to run. LOVE.

3 of these books were the best of this month’s library downloads, 1 was given to me by the publisher. if you’re looking for a good read, i’d rank them as follows-

the martian– not into sic-fi? me neither. not really. ok, sometimes. i don’t know? i know what i like, and what i’m willing to read. this was… it read like an actual account of a mission to mars. there wasn’t any part of it that i didn’t actually believe. i didn’t need to suspend reality, it read like it actually happened. and it was AMAZING.

prince lestat – so this is a weird one. in my 20’s i read and collected every anne rice book written. i was a fan. then in my 30’s, i think her husband died, she turned to god, and swore off ever writing another vampire, witch, taltos book ever again. to top it off, i think she wrote fiction about jesus. uh, interesting. not my bag, but interesting. i was super bummed, and gave up hope (the series was getting GOOD). now she’s back with this book, next in the series of the vampire chronicles, and i thought i’d rent before i buy. actually, i don’t know that i ever want to buy another book again (and if you need the entire anne rice collection, make me an offer). anyway, back with lestsat, and it’s SO GOOD. couldn’t put it down, finished in 24 hours.

light between oceans – admittedly, i didn’t complete this before my borrow expired, but what i read i liked. i’m waiting for it to become available again so i can finish.

imaginary things – i’m not sure what to say about this book. i gave it a couple chances. the main character is a young mom (22) with an imaginative son. there’s some suspension of reality involved, not really sci-fi, but something… other worldly, and then also a little bit of romance. she doesn’t make good mom decisions, she’s constantly fretting over her kid, then acting like she doesn’t have one, i just had a hard time relating. she speaks horribly of her own mother, which seems warranted, but… i’m not sure why it was so necessary. there were just… snags. and then i read the reviews on amazon, and thought, are we even reading the same book? i don’t know. not my deal, but SUCH an interesting concept.

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