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30 Oct
October 30, 2014

so i recently flipped for the new sugar paper la for target line. mainly because last year i wasn’t working, and didn’t get my yearly nordstrom calendar (perk of working, free cool office shit). then i saw this planner on IG, went on the hunt, missed it in the store by a month or so, tracked one down, paid 3 times what they sold for. not. cool.

this year, i determined to be on it. but when the line launched on the sugar paper site, you couldn’t really tell what stuff looked like. so off to target. not stocked yet. at two different stores. begged employees. banded together with other shoppers and camped out. ok, it was only for 5 minutes, but when i asked, and another lady heard me asking, she zoomed over, and was like… i’m here for that too! then another lady. then we had a contingent, and they dug it out of the back. that much fun for $10 is hard to pass up. easy thrills.

i like my daily calendar. i like my stickies, i like my lists. i like checking it through the day and putting big colorful X’s through things that need big, sloppy, colorful X’s. i like buying a pack of stickers each month and doing birthdays. holidays, special days. let’s get real, i apparently like wasting time. but… it actually helps, and i do better when i ‘plan’.

want a FREE daily planner sheet? click here. want 7 PRETTY COLORED sheets (one for each day of the week)? click on the button below and fill out the easiest paypal form you’ve ever seen. you’ll get a lot organized satisfaction for $3. guaranteed.

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  1. Alex Ferrari says:

    Hello! I love your blog!!! I was wondering what Target in Seattle you ended up finding the planners and calendars?! Thanks!

  2. admin says:

    hey there! thanks for the note- found them at northgate, and then still had them as of… friday. actually, it looked like there was a whole shelf/box missing, so more might go out soon? i keep checking back, i really wanted the large leather calendar.

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