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06 Aug
August 6, 2014

so… i mentioned in the previous post that i was going live this week with the kickstarter.  CRAZY. ness. it’s up right here! it feels almost unreal. like this portion of it has come so far along in the process, that i feel like it’s already been going, and now everyone else gets to participate. like family and friends who haven’t heard from me in forever, because every spare minute not dealing with 2 kids (and a house, and a husband, and LIFE) is spent dealing with- paperwork, loan apps, packaging configuration and choices, changing my mind on colors 203 times, and emails, oh god the emails. (and i mentioned the basement remodel going on, right? sweet.)

it’s definitely been fun. you know what’s going to be more fun? sending people those socks, and seeing kids wear them! i can’t even wait to put them on my own kids. december feels like a long ways off, but as with most time passing lately, i bet it’s here before we know it.

i hope you like the socks and want to put some on your kids. on any kids. buy them, and put them on your dog. i’d love feedback about what you think, suggestions and honestly, any little bit of encouragement you can offer. this whole process has been completely different than i thought it’d be. i’ve taken it one step at a time, and it’s strange the things i’ve gotten in return, and what the take away is. first, it’s easier to start a business than my worst imaginings. there’s checklists, and how to’s on the web. i was a dumb-dumb for not doing it sooner. second– the hard parts haven’t been paperwork, or checklists or frankly, even money. it’ll all get figured out. the hardest part has been trusting that other people are going to want what i make. but i must be following the right path, because the idea of cute socks, on cute feet has kept me going.  kept me pushing. i keep saying, there must be 4000 (my order size) moms out there who want non pink socks.

let’s hope i find them.  😉

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