do it – restarting a fitness plan – fall edition

20 Oct
October 20, 2014

soooo, i used to run. like so much so, that i even surprised myself. i remember running around 10 miles with a friend, and thinking, holy cow. i just ran 10 miles! i wasn’t fast, but i was steady. i even did a couple half marathons….

yeah. i haven’t done anything i’d consider ‘active’ for about 3 years. unless you count that barre class i went to about a month ago. and i don’t, because i haven’t done anything since. pregnancy really changed my body, and… i’ve been a little whacked out about what’s going on. everything is… different.

doing nothing has also made me realize, i’m the worst about excuses. i don’t have anything to wear, i don’t know where to go, i’m so out of shape, i don’t have enough time… i’m starting to understand the ‘just do it’ slogan. that’s why my ONLY goal this week- sweating 30 minutes for 7 days in a row. it can be anything. walking the kids around greenlake, doing a yoga vid, going to a class… the only goal is 30 minutes, every day, for 7 days. just to jump start it. just to make myself work it in. and i’m not doing my usual…oh i’ll be happy with 50% success. 7 days martin! 100%!

just do it.

above: i decided to give up starbucks this week (i do have coffee at home) and invest in some cute new workout gear… the best deal out there? fabletics. your first outfit is half off! you can also choose to be vip…not sure if i’m on board with every month, but maybe every other month? 1, 3 and 6the bra, tank and capris– $30! 2– $10 love this contigo water bottle– no gross mouth piece to get icky. 4 + 5 – got these at target, looks like they’re a little less expensive on amazon. 7champion headbands $5 target. 8nike free flyknit  $90 nordstrom.

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