read it – fall edition – september

17 Sep
September 17, 2014

fall is one of my true favorite times to read. it starts getting chilly, and dark. what’s better than settling in with a book? here’s this month’s list. there’s one true, true gem in here. wait, two. ok, i loved a few of these books. alright, let’s be honest, i’m never very harsh in my judgement of books. i loved them all, but there were a couple where upon closing, i thought… oh, i’ll read that again. a few times. i’ve also been downloading COPIOUS amounts of samples to find my next books, but ALWAYS love getting recommends. send me the name of the best book you’ve read this year, and i’ll be your new best friend. unless i’ve read it. then, we’ll just be regular friends. list after the jump…

1-gone girl– i read this forever ago. like… i don’t even know how long. at least a year? promptly forgot, like i do. then i saw this creepy film trailer that was on the verge of scary, and i thought… ohhhh, i might see that (HATE scary movies). then the name kept tickling at my lackluster brain, and i thought… did i read that??? *pour over kindle for iPhone library (embarrassing array)…* found. but, i’d gotten it confused with… hold please… ‘still missing‘, and i was befuddled. so i read it again, where due to baby brain (15 months in), i completely forgot what was going to happen. yay! surprise! can’t wait to see the film.

2-good girl – ok, this will seem like exaggeration, but i just had to look this up to find out the plot, and was like… huh. wonder what happens?!? ugh, i need uninterrupted sleep and more caffeine. so… this was GOOD. quick read. page turner. similar to gone girl.

3-oh my god this title… doesn’t roll off the tongue, can’t spell half of it- the guernsey literary and potato peel pie societyBEST BOOK of the month award. i loved this. so sweet. and it has spurred my obsession with wwII lit. i think i’ve read 3 just this month based in that time period. this was such a good book. i can’t remember where i found it, clicking through some internet rabbit hole i assume. so good.

4-outlander – maybe everyone in the world besides me has read these. and i don’t have cable anymore, so… didn’t realize there was a show. but this was a really good read. i never know how long books are anymore (since i read everything on my phone), but i know about how long a book takes me to read, and this must be long. or dense. i think it took me at least a couple days… but i was enthralled. so good. the end is a little too brutal… but. whatever. and now i’ve started the show, so… hooked.

5-me before you– another one i had to look up. come on brain, you can do it! ok, tear jerker. but… i never mind bawling over books. it was good. similar to… ugh, what was it… fault in our stars? yes. quick and lovely.

6-the beautiful american – another from the wwII era. it was good. a little slower than the others, but an interesting historical fiction about lee miller, man ray, picasso… interesting is about as good as i can do. i won’t read it again, but i liked it.

the next three i have not yet read, but plan to-

7-a house in the sky– i’m not sure, i think the synopsis reminded me a bit of ‘wild’ in some way. i really liked that book.

8-margot– i’ve been finding old episodes of british ‘who do you think you are’, particularly one i just watched was stephen fry. there was a piece of his mom’s family that he wanted concrete answers about- it was believed they died in concentration camps. he found that most of the family perished in auschwitz. there’s something about the holocaust that grips me. that a whole contingent of people let that happen to their neighbors, friends, co-workers… it’s like a horrible, grim fairy tale that you can’t believe is history. i love reading accounts, memories of survivors, tales of small acts of heroism. margot looks interesting to me on this level.

8-the book thief– can you see my wwII obsession shining through? GLAPPPS (bad acronym) hooked me. i literally want to go to where that book was based. walk the roads, read in a field. don’t you love that about books? escape. a little bit of escape in everyday life. i haven’t even read the sample of this, but feel like i heard someone say it was good… i’ll let you know next month. happy reading.

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