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19 Jun
June 19, 2014

i think maybe i’m not cut out for book clubs.  i like reading.  i’m less into discussion.  i like hearing recommendations and hearing what other people think about books.  i’m probably also not that into wine.  i think i used to be?  i don’t know.  anyway, over text a good friend and i decided to start our own book club.  we were going to call it ‘we read to escape’.  we’re averaging about a book every other day.  maybe we should call it, ‘we read to support the economy’?  it’s been fun being engrossed in something other than kids, or tv.  it’s brought back a little sanity, and it’s been so good to consume some books again (especially with a fellow fast reader).  these are some of the books we’ve tackled, and a couple more that are on my list next.  are you reading anything this summer?  any good book recommends?

1- the fault in our stars- had to.  cried.  might go see the film.  doubt it.

2- still alice – hard.  my grandmother passed from alzheimer’s.  it was good, but tough.

3- where’d you go bernadette- funny.  vonnegut-esque.  based in seattle!

4- what alice forgot- so many of these i didn’t want to end, this was one.

5- where we belong – besides wild, probably my fave.

6- the husband’s secret – weird, but good.  lots of strong personalities.

7- wild- the best out of this bunch!  made me want to go hike, and i don’t even like walking.

8- let’s pretend this never happened – up next.  i love her blog, i’m hoping the book makes me laugh as much.

9- honeymoon with my brother – i downloaded the sample, and wanted more.  promising.

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