you should write your mom a letter.

03 Apr
April 3, 2015

so… i took a little time off. i went to texas. i got the flu. i found some focus. it’s been an interesting couple of months. but i’m feeling really good. tired, but good. that feels like life these days. happy and tired.

i wanted to start back with something… light. something that’s pretty, and easy. i made a resolution to write more letters. it’s something i devote time to each week. i’ve totally stayed on track, and i love it. i love writing letters.

apparently, it’s national letter writing month? i think it’s a bit overkill (ok, but i’m doing it) to write every day. but what if… you wrote a letter every week? 4 letters- who would you write to? who would love to go to their mailbox and see a letter from you? DO IT. write that person right now. for some inspiration, check out the #write_on hash on instagram, and here’s a few things to get you inspired…

1- the target dollar bins are a gold mine. i check every so often for these cute card packs. $1? yes please. 2- pens make the writing. i must have 400 pens, and i think the only roller balls in the bunch, are the jellies. top is a pilot disposable nib pen. cool, right? the middle is a Lamy nib pen, and the bottom- jelly, because, sparkly ink! 3- muji has the BEST stationary section- these little clips are famous buildings from around the world. if you don’t live in NY (or japan), they’re online. 4- i keep a variety of stamps on hand, including international postage (there’s a stamp for that!). there are some really lovely stamps right now. i think they even still have batman (!!!) stamps. the post office is COOL. 5- anna rifle makes amazeballs paper stuffs. this book of stickers was like crack to me. i carried it around anthro forever, talking myself into spending $12 on stickers. whatever. i’ve totally gotten my money’s worth. 6- binder clips, paper clips, post it’s- i’m an office supply junkie. i love these super tiny binder clips for keeping my stickers, stamps and cards organized. target has all sorts of colors and sizes. 7- a return stamp to make addressing just a bit more easy, and a little bit fun. searching on etsy yields some super cute options, and they’re not that spendy.

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