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22 Nov
November 22, 2009

first off… let me start by saying… rebecca (my co-host) does rad picture an hour posts… i totally stole this idea.  now that my disclaimer is out of the way… i want to say how excited i was on friday… to meet everyone, to have a great event… to do our sponsors proud and show them that a blog event is grassroots marketing.  and what better way to show my excitement than to go to work and wander around taking pictures… i kid.  but i was at work for a lot of this day (something has to support my lavish blogger ways!- that’s a joke, i’m lacking in the lavish gene) and when i finally got to leave work… it was lots of last minute running around, comfort crisis (i for some reason had zero impetus to dress up) and then a mad dash to get it all together before bloggers started walking in… i thought it went off well, but it could NOT have happened without-

amazing friends who pitched in last minute- served and checked- i owe you major, and i know it.
boconcept– great space!!  what’s a party without an amazing space to mingle, mix and relax?
mike’s hard lemonade– thanks for trying out your product with us!  can’t wait for your tweetup!
trophy cupcakes– are you kidding me? a 3 week no bread streak was broken.  it was worth it.
dry soda– my new soft drink of choice, and the best non-alcoholic beverage! special sparkly.
qdoba– i loved seeing people at the party eating tacos.  it was perfect.
hazel salon– the ladies from hazel offered gift cards and samples. thank you!
tigerbeat– great tunes make for a great scene.  i love this boy’s mixes.
gems– offered jelly bellies to our party-goers… sweet!
moo cards– i have a promo code for moo if you want free cards… drop me a line.
shopruche– a giveaway and a discount. drop me a line for 10% off.

and finally… all the amazing bloggers who attended.  it was great to meet in person, it was great to hear you enjoyed yourself, and it was worth all the work of putting together a night that was so thoroughly enjoyed.  we’ll have to do it all again!  xoxo- n+t

8:00am- express lanes to kent.

From picture an hour

9:00 am- the smart juice.

From picture an hour

10:00 am- wander through the warehouse- stair shadows

From picture an hour

11:00 am- volume measuring spheres.  or something technical.  i just like to stick my hand in the bin.  they use them to measure how much a pack can hold.  cool nerdy stuff.

From picture an hour

12:00 pm- i have a very vivid imagination, AND i saw mannequin.  this is a family who are plotting their revenge because they were left arm and clothes-less.

From picture an hour

1:00 pm- sparkly bike bits.

From picture an hour

2:00 pm- no one gets excited about a camera in their face. not even birdie.

From picture an hour

3:00 pm- a bit of sun sparkles through my outfit.

From picture an hour

4:00 pm- i try to relax a little with some soft light… and day of the dead peeps.

From picture an hour

5:00 pm- last bits of getting ready…

From picture an hour

6:00 pm- i head out to blogmeetblog- excited, nervous and ready!

From picture an hour
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9 replies
  1. Rachel says:

    I had such a great time at blogmeetblog! It was really nice to meet you, and you and Rebecca did a great job organizing it all. The photo of the volume measuring spheres is simply awesome.

  2. Tara says:

    promo code for moo???? I want it!

  3. CopyStrands says:

    Kam! It was wonderful meeting you at Blog Meet Blog. Thanks for all the hardwork you put into making it a success 🙂

  4. melenie says:

    Don’t forget about PoDog!!

  5. Carolyn says:

    thank you for throwing the event! i had a great time at blog meet blog, you did an amazing job putting it together. not sure if i met you, but definitely must in the near future!

    i would love the promo code for free moo cards! thank you <3

  6. Le 21eme Arrondissement says:

    Awesome! Great way to chronicle a day!

  7. Dana says:

    Kam, you and Rebecca really did an incredible job and you looked cool as a cucumber when I found you on Friday. Like I said at BoConcept, I think you have a definite talent for event planning.

    I am very interested in this Moo promo you speak of. Very exciting!

  8. cassandra @ coco+kelley says:

    m’dear, it was SO lovely meeting you at blog meet blog!! i cannot wait for the next little event, AND to stalk your gorgeous photography!! xo, cassandra

  9. jaunty magpie says:

    Love this — a day in the life of the Fabulous Kam! I think it’s an interesting exercise to break a day down into single images. It seems to tell a new story, no?

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