do this now – beth levine: first lady of shoes – bellevue arts museum

19 Feb
February 19, 2010
From needle+thread

going on now through june 6th at the bellevue art museum- the exhibit encompasses the varied design career of beth levine. she seemed to be a woman ahead of her time- not only design or creative-wise but a successful woman designer in the 50’s? very cool.  for more about the show, and some of the shoes i saw, visit needleplusthread on the seattle p-i.

From needle+thread

and what’s an event without fellow bloggers?? the magpie (miss jaunty if you’re nasty) and i got to enjoy the lecture, wander the exhibit and force our photography selves on the masses (ok, just the people at the event).  AND she rocked sequin shorts.

From needle+thread

i fell in love with this odd, kind of creepy, but pretty mass above the bar.  it was both lacy and alien looking…

From needle+thread

our featured speaker of the night, helene verin. such a cool lady… friends with beth levine, lives in NY, teaches at FIT and a shoe designer herself. and… she’s wearing beth levine shoes (along with the amazing sparkley dress and oversize faux fur coat!)

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4 replies
  1. jaunty magpie says:

    Ha! “Miss Jaunty if you’re nastah!” I love that song. There’s that line where Miss J is like, “Who’s that eatin’ that nasty food?” that makes me laugh. What a fun night! The shoes, Ms. Levine’s amazing contributions to fashion, and Helene Verin is a total character. I love her spirit and style. Thanks for takin’ a pic of my shiny shorts!

  2. admin says:

    my pleasure! we can safely say that you were the only ‘style’ picture that turned out. booo!

    and yeah, what’s up with that line. it has to make you laugh. what IS nasty food? redi-whip? cow intestines? something that’s been sitting out for too long?

  3. glamspoon says:

    I’m planning to see the Beth Levine show! It is a marvel that she was successful in the 1950’s but that’s probably why I hadn’t heard of her until now…

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