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11 Jun
June 11, 2010

last night was the opening gala for the supreme legacy exhibit at emp. i’m often surprised there aren’t more shows at emp. it’s relatively easy to get to, the sound is good… there’s parking. ANYWAY… supreme legacy is one of those exhibits to love… who doesn’t like poking around what people have kept in their closets for a few decades. it almost gives you an excuse to never get rid of that sequin fringey thing you wore when you were 22. your daughter is going to love that thing. if you let her out of the house in it. she’s going to secretly nab it and sneak out of the house in it and you won’t even know. better get rid of it. ANYWAY… yikes. someone could use some sleep… the exhibit and party were a great kick off to a cool exhibit. i think emp is on a roll. taking aim was amazing (had a dream that elvis costello snap was hanging in my house) supreme legacy is carrying the torch, and i hear there’s going to be a battlestar gallactica exhibit that might blow your socks off. if you’re in to that sort of thing. considering i snapped pics of E.T., a teenage mutant ninja turtle, and could identify the costume worn by sean young in blade runner… i have a feeling i might have to check it out.  i do have photos of the dresses after the jump, if you want to be surprised, don’t go any further– but for all of the photos click

who doesn’t love a few feathers…

so go-go!

the colors were so dreamy…

this was by far my favourite. some of these dresses were 20lbs!

wheevil groove? i’m not sure about the band name…

mary wilson sang a capella

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