red carpet ball – making a gown – seattle

02 May
May 2, 2010

red carpet ball seattle

i sometimes tackle more than i can handle.  and in thinking about it, it’s not that i think i can’t handle it.  it’s simply forces working against me.  (or my inability to say no to something fun? hmmm…)

last week was a bit chaotic for me.  i knew i had several key things to get done.  i was attending events most days… and i thought… i want to make my own dress for one of those.  i know what goes in to making a dress.  i went to fashion design school.  i am a designer, and i know how to sew.  just bringing you up to speed on my skill level.  but i didn’t really factor in all the other commitments, and things started getting hairy about thursday.  then i fell down my front stairs, and i swear pandora was released.  for the rest of the story and photos, click

the first photo is the dress on wednesday. mostly cut out (and scattered all over the house) and  sewing started. for a look at the dress style, click here.

sewing commences full speed and the bodice starts taking shape

ed carpet ball seattle

two bodice halves combine, next up… the skirt and attaching it to the bodice

ed carpet ball seattle

in retrospect, i think that i liked it’s visual simplicity.  although there’s nothing simple about 12 yards of fabric and working with sheer…

ed carpet ball seattle

then on the day of the event, the mannequin fell over and broke my machine.  still left to finish- some small gathering, the zipper, and the hem. there was a lot of crying, searching for alternate dresses, and calling of mom. eventually i figured it out. although i did realize at the event, that there were still pins in an un-hemmed section, no one cared…

ed carpet ball seattle

thanks to tara for some much needed sit, talk and breathe time, and a gorgeous ‘do. if you ever need an up-do (or color or cut), tara at hazel salon will fix you up with fancy hair.

ed carpet ball seattle

also thanks to sheena for having needle+thread as the ‘official’ photographer at the lupus foundation red carpet ball. so many great people, having a fabulous time and supporting a great cause. for more information about lupus, visit their site– national lupus day is may 10th.

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5 replies
  1. Cindi Brooks says:

    OMG! What a gorgeous gown!! You did an amazing job…poo poo to Pandora!

  2. Laura Killoran says:

    A worthy cause for all your efforts; I thank you for supporting the cure fore Lupus and for bringing the challenge of this disease to the attention of your readers!

    You look absolutely stunning!

  3. TheLadyDayDreamer says:

    Wow, you look absolutely stunning! You are very talented to be able to turn out such a beautiful dress, and in the midst of your style spying!

  4. L says:

    Kam you did a phenominal job. You look absolutely breathtaking.
    I always love looking at your photos but particularly enjoy it when
    there are a few of you and G mixed in. Love, Bugsmum

  5. Aida says:

    Your dress turned out gorgeous, looks lovely on you!

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