seattle tradition – nordstrom designer preview

22 Jul
July 22, 2010

i’ve said it before, and it bears repeating…the nordstrom can put on a show. a sea of well dressed, the most spectacular shoes you’ve seen- ever, a cocktail i have to replicate, a salted caramel bite of heaven… and to top it off, 600 photos of fall runway from the biggest names in fashion. uhm, yes please. and it all went down somewhere in the nether regions of magnolia?

i could gush and gush… but alas, my toes are tired, my eyes are tired, and i totally just realized i’m shooting capitol hill block party tomorrow night.  er…zzzzzzzz

i promise you image after image to delight (did i mention people were wearing amazing shoes?) and plan to have nordstrom fall runway, and some band or another (is it sad i haven’t checked out the lineup?) up before sunday rolls round.  happy friday!  xoxox- n+t

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  1. the jaunty magpie says:

    I love this photo because to me, it says “Kam was here.” Distinctive phone cover. Glass of bubbly. Thunder, meet lightning. Shazam.

  2. admin says:

    you’re so funny… you know it was me because of the champagne. 🙂 wish you’d been there lady… could have used your jaunty company!

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