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28 Oct
October 28, 2009
From needle+thread

this is the soft launch… more info is still being compiled (sponsors, entertainment, giveaways, a speaker?) but this is an invite to fashion bloggers, food bloggers, and home/life bloggers.  we narrowed it down for the sole purpose of sponsors (and appearing to have a focus), but if you live in the northwest, have a blog and want to come… let us know.

i’m excited to be bringing some truly talented people together.  to do it under the guise of a party is even better.  start adding drinks, food, giveaways and fashion discussion, and i may have to sit down for a moment.  i think it’s going to be fun.  and i set the bar pretty high.  ok, it’s true, i don’t (see: pitcher of margaritas, a game of hearts, and blare the abba)… but really- i can’t wait to meet all the bloggers who have already responded.  i hope it’s on your calendar!

graphic collaboration- kam martin + yiu studio

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11 replies
  1. jaunty magpie says:

    Yippeee! Can’t wait for this!

  2. Kristina Krug says:

    This shall be fun! See you there!
    -Kristina Krug with BR mag

  3. Dana says:

    Kam! This sounds fantastic! Looking forward to meeting you in person and learning about great blogs in the city.

  4. Ashley (Rainy City Style) says:


    This is so great! I would love to attend if you haven’t reached your limit already. Let me know!

    Ashley 🙂

  5. Cynthia says:

    Hi Kam,

    I’m a Seattle-based food blogger, and would love to attend this event. Is an RSVP required? Where can I sign up?


  6. Carrie says:

    Hello! I am a fashion + street style blogger and would like to join in! Take a look at my blog and let me know what you think! Thanks

  7. Maya says:

    If only I were in Seattle, I would surely come! Le Sigh

  8. Zaara KittenChops says:

    Hi Kam,

    just saw this, what a great idea! I would love to attend! Would I have to pre-register or can I just show up?

    Shiny energies,
    Zaara KittenChops

  9. Melissa A. says:

    I’m sorry I missed this. I just found out about it a day too late. Let me know if you ever have another meet up because I would definately like to attend.

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