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happy birthday – chris – seattle

13 Mar
March 13, 2010
From needle+thread

some of you probably know chris, or emerald dandy to the bloggers… today is his birthday!!

a big happy birthday from needleplusthread- i am a big fan of all things birthday- nothing like celebrating another year of you! Read more →

putting it together – sanda – nordstrom stylist – SAM

08 Jan
January 8, 2010
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of course someone who’s worked at nordstrom for over 20 years has an amazing wardrobe, and knows how to go about finding that must have item. i liked that sanda incorporates fashion with bargain. obviously you don’t have to pay full price for a coveted designer. it’s a little more work, but as these pictures show, worth the effort.  here’s what she had to say about personal style…

From needle+thread

NT: describe your style to me-
SB: rocker chic.  i’ve been doing rocker chic for 20 years, it’s come more into style this year. my husband just recently said to me… he’s in two bands, and he said i dress more rocker than he does.

NT: and has it been en evolution, or have you always just dressed that way?
SB: yeah, it’s a lot better fabrics, and more expensive than it was 20 years ago… *laughing* i have fashion déjà vu, where there are things i definitely wore in high school that have come back in updated ways… but it’s really more of a state of mind.

NT: do you think what you do for work influences your style?
SB: definitely, because i have to stay on top of trends. i have to interpret those trends so everybody can wear them. i also try to be the first to wear things and put it all together for a real woman. the more people can see it, on other people, it doesn’t become a trend, but an actual way they can wear the clothing.  an example, i started wearing leggings a couple of years ago and i’ve had women come up to me and say- you know, i just never thought someone of my age could wear leggings until i saw you wearing them.  it’s fine to look at things in a magazine, but until a woman can see it on a real person, see it on a person that’s not a 14 year old model, they don’t think that they can wear it.

NT: kind of like age appropriate-ness?
SB: its one of my pet peeves.  i feel like the only clothing that has an age label on it, is kid’s clothing.  as long as you have the confidence to wear it, and the conviction to wear it… i mean, you could be 20 years old and not be able wear a mini skirt or you could be 60 and rock a mini-skirt.  it just depends on how you feel in it.  if you feel good, and if you have the confidence to carry it out, go for it.

NT: what do you think influences your next purchase?
SB: i’m all about a sale *laughs*

From needle+thread
From needle+thread

NT: is there anything you’re currently looking for?
SB: i just bought and wore some black sequin leggings last night… i wore them with a white button down shirt to a cocktail party.  it was really comfortable, and it’s probably something i never thought i would have bought last year, but it’s something i’ve seen in magazines… and thought, well, i’ll try it out.  my next purchase, who knows.  i’m trying to do more color… so something in the burgundies, wine colors and purple… to go with all the black in my life.

NT: when you say sale…
SB: where do i like to shop?

NT: well…you obviously have a lot of label, how do shop designer on a budget?
SB: i love doing designer for less.  consignment shops, vintage stores, eBay, nordstrom rack… they have the best designer for less.  i’m all about a bargain.

NT: what else? what do you want to tell me as it relates to style…
SB: just that your personal style is your statement to the world on how you feel, and you can either say,  i feel great about myself and i’m confident, or you can say, i woke up in the morning and got dressed in the dark. so a lot of how your self image and how you feel about yourself, it depends on how you look.  that may be shallow, but that’s how it is… first impressions are so important, it’s how you present yourself.

From needle+thread
From needle+thread

NT: working as a stylist, what do you think people get hung up on the most? is there a perception that it takes a lot of time to have personal style?
SB: a lot of people get hung up on thinking that they have to be a certain age to wear something. i’m 45, so i don’t limit myself in what i can wear, maybe more how i wear it?… i think also one thing about being older, is you don’t care what other people think, so i don’t get hung up in that. what are people going to think about this outfit, you just put it on and feel great in it, and rock it.

i also do wardrobe audits where i go in to people’s closets and clean it out, just get down to the bare basics so that they’re able to get dressed and everything can go with each other. i think that when you walk into a large store, like nordstrom’s, it can be overwhelming because there’s so much there.  and we can just edit it and bring you the best. as a stylist at nordstrom, i can navigate the whole store, pull the best clothing options from each of the departments to fit your needs and help build a wardrobe.  it saves time and money in the long run.  it’s a dream job

NT: who are your style icons-
SB: my style icon growing up was cher. she always wore whatever she wanted, and she always had the confidence. and even though it was bad or good, it was always very memorable. she always took fashion risks, that’s what i like about her.  i remember drawing gowns for her to wear on the show.  i must have wanted to style cher when i was little! and then last year i saw chrissie hynde with the pretenders- she just looked amazing on stage, and i said that’s what i want to look like when i grow up.

for more information on sanda’s services, contact her at

to follow me or sanda on twitter- kammart and nordbvuestylist

shop local this holiday – part 1 – the sip and ship – ballard

11 Dec
December 11, 2009

i remember the first time i went into the sip and ship. i needed to mail something. i DETEST going to the post office. so… i went into the sip and ship, after a long day of work, to mail something. and there was this wonderful lady behind the counter who was helping people, and chatting with people… and as i stood there, i had this flashback to the husband and wife team who ran the local drugstore in the town i grew up, mr. and mrs. jones. mr jones was a pharmacist, and he could fill your prescription, or walk over to the soda fountain on the other side of the pharmacy, and just as easy, make you a homemade oreo milkshake… mrs. jones ran the cash register, and she’d ask you about your mom, or where you were headed… they were a hub. and this lady behind this mail counter in ballard was just such a hub. i went in several more times over the next couple of months, and she could talk to me about which earrings i needed, or what postage was to london. did i need a latte, try this savory biscuit and let’s overnight this, how’s your dog doing? helping multiple people, greeting EVERYONE by name, jumping behind the cafe counter, weighing envelopes, holding a fussy baby… she’s a hub. her and her husband, and their wonderful business, are a hub.

i could bore you with more of my story about why and how, and definitely the who of my love for the ballard sip and ship, but i took some pictures at their recent holiday kick off event, and i think they cover it. locals coming together to support one another… friends, businesses… the line is a little grey, and honestly, it’s just right. i love supporting a great local business when i can, not out of charity, or obligation, but because they add something to our city that is so important, and that is community.

here’s just a smattering of what they offer:
shipping– standing in line is lame. wouldn’t you rather do it somewhere where you can buy a latte, and a muffin AND listen to good music? i thought so.
packing– hate packing boxes? yeah, me too, and it never fails, i’m out of tape, or my husband threw away the peanuts or… whatever. they’ll pack it all up for you for a small charge, AND if they pack it, they garuantee it.
wrapping– god i detest wrapping. diana is the QUEEN of wrapping. you can literally drop your stuff off, come back and it’s done. like elves. little magic, good at wrapping elves.
coffee, snacks– yes, yes and yes.
cards, unique gifts, baby/kid stuff, mom stuff, ballard stuff, smell good bath stuff… i could go on. if you go in there, you will find something.
they blog – keep up to date on shipping dates, deadline is this weekend? if you want the cheap way, and all their amazing services- visit their blog!

From sip and ship

sip, ship, shop. yes please.

From sip and ship

festive! the goods… unique cards, wrapping paper…

From sip and ship

ballard gear, boxed card sets and the mailboxes.

From sip and ship

cool scarves, warm hats + hoodies, and my very delicious latte.

From sip and ship

delish bath stuff. who doesn’t like getting this stuff?

From sip and ship

they were literally in the middle of setting up for the party, and still stopped to help that last customer!

From sip and ship

tasty, tasty party food. write if you know where it’s from and i’ll add, so yum!

From sip and ship

ballard has a winery. i’m not kidding. domanico cellars, i had some, yummy!

From sip and ship

what kind of dummy doesn’t stop taking pictures to try the chocolate *raises hand* apparently they can’t keep komforte chokolates in the store, it’s THAT GOOD.

From sip and ship

these two ladies had many a hard-to-buy-for-person gift… morrow lane and frances had 3 sisters. both on etsy.

From sip and ship

babies love diana, don’t be fooled. they’re not always into strangers with cameras…

an autumn day at discovery – sheena – discovery park – magnolia

20 Nov
November 20, 2009

sometimes when people tell you that you have to get a permit, you should just ignore them.  it goes against my sensibilities to ignore little old ladies, but that being said, sometimes they’re just on an age power trip.  and it definitely irks me to listen someone in an OFFICE tell me what i can do OUTDOORS, but i did grit my teeth, and fill out the paperwork.  and after all that… bureaucracy… what do i have to show for it?  nothing. well, the filled out paperwork, and some emails, but certainly no permit to take pictures.  so i just decided to take my camera AND my friend and go take all the pictures i wanted.  and we couldn’t have had a better day.  a beautiful fall day in discovery park.  we ran (ok, sheena did most of the running), we laughed like maniacs… and we saw about 10 other people taking pictures.  so if any of you want to turn me in, i have evidence that i wasn’t the only one.  there are so many beautiful places in seattle, who could resist… enjoy.

sheena mixes up her hunter boots and print romper.  she’s a natural.

From needle+thread

everyone should look this pretty in a field-  romper mixed with navy blazer and pearls.

From needle+thread

this was where the laughing happened.

From needle+thread

running from the paparazzi.

From needle+thread

more laughing…

From needle+thread

can you believe she was going to take this blazer back?  good thing she didn’t.

From needle+thread

the sun comes out- mixed with long, red cardi, necklaces and belt.

From needle+thread

she shines.

From needle+thread

hunter wellies are the perfect fall footwear.

From needle+thread

fur fascinator- vintage shop find.

From needle+thread

sometimes mix of texture and pattern is just right.

From needle+thread

autumn postcard. mixed with long, grey cardi and red beret.

there’s one more picture over at our seattle P-I blog… check it out!

kid’s clothing – flora and henri – oddfellows building – capitol hill

13 Nov
November 13, 2009

i asked siena and her parents to accompany me to flora and henri to check out their beautiful new space in the oddfellows building.  situated next to molly moon’s (how’s that for trying-on-clothes bribery?) the showroom is open, spacious and gives the impression of something special.  a variety of unique toys, and special baby gifts… this is a place as much to pick up your child’s next play shirt, as your family’s next heirloom.

i spoke with the owner about their years in the business (twelve), the different spots they’ve occupied, and how she’s feeling about their spot on the hill (very good).  other than the clothing (which was exceptional), i was most impressed with the manufacturing conscience.  teaching a trade, proceeds to orphanages… isn’t it great that on top of the well made product, you’re supporting the idea that consumerism doesn’t have to be a naughty word?  it’s satisfying when small business does all the things you learned ‘couldn’t be done’ in corporate manufacturing america.  small units, benefitting the people who produce it, good margin… and a quality, saleable product.  good things do come in small packages.

From bio pics

cool warmth- puff duster – flora and henri

From bio pics

mom fusses, tails are held tight- boatneck tee, circle pleat skirt, slipper pull-on.

From bio pics

elephants never forget- boatneck tee, soft play elephant.

From bio pics

dancing slippers- boatneck tee, circle pleat skirt, slipper pull-on.

From bio pics

early skepticism- winter angel blouse, skinny barn cord.

From bio pics

starting a posse- winter angel blouse, skinny barn cord, soft play elephant.

From bio pics

shopping’s not so bad- winter angel blouse, skinny barn cord.

From bio pics

at play- winter angel blouse, fan fan elephant pull toy, deer, bunny.

brooke – pilates instructor/bon vivant – queen anne

06 Nov
November 6, 2009
From needle+thread

this machine is the reformer, it breaks old habits (i kid). brook wears a crow sweatshirt by mission playground from REI, blue pants from patagonia.

the onset of Fall. the tunnel of darkness thru january. the holidays are coming.  i literally just had 5lbs of candy in my house, it’s all gone, and I can’t admit that I gave even the majority of it to trick or treaters. time for some pre-new year’s resolutions. enter brook of young pilates.  their bright, warm yellow studio is just the thing to chase away your seasonal affective disorder, those tiny snickers bars that somehow made their way into your purse, the 2 plates of turkey goodness I’m signing up for right now.  if you’re looking for a class, some instruction, one on one training… they’ve got you covered.  in the queen anne neighborhood on the interbay side… i caught up with brooke a few weeks ago to check out her sporty style. here’s what she wears when she works out… guess i need to upgrade my basic black sweats.

NT: describe your style to me.
BY: my style is definitely casual.  and it’s also kind of seattle based.  i’ve lived here my whole life, and I think what I wear reflects that.  it’s an interesting evolution in that, a lot of people here don’t have to have a separate set of work clothes or after work clothes.  you can go from the office to the activity.

From needle+thread

having a ball. red shirt- horny toad from title nine, blue pants- patagonia.

NT: what do you look for when you’re purchasing clothing?
BY: comfort first, for sure, because this is my work uniform… exercise clothes are what I wear every single day.  so comfort, but i like to have a little bit of style to that as well… it’s really not just sweatpants and sweatshirts anymore, there are some great labels that have come out that have comfortable and cute clothes.

NT: who do you like brand-wise?
BY: i prefer to choose my clothing based on how it is made. i go for sustainable fabrics like hemp, bamboo and tencel, a cool new fabric made from wood cellulose.

NT: do you do pilates everyday?
BY: i don’t do pilates everyday, but i do exercise everyday.

NT: does it influence what you put on in the morning?
BY: definitely. because my day is usually spent teaching pilates and running my business, and then trying to fit in my own exercise before i go home.  so i’m thinking what can i wear that represents me as a business owner, but will survive getting sweaty when i work out.

From needle+thread

magic pilates genie on the wunda chair. pink top- om girl from lucy, pants- lucy.

NT: when you’re not dressing for exercise- is this your everyday look?
BY: you know, it has become, because i’ve been doing this for a decade now, it’s sort of become my wardrobe.

NT: what about color?
BY: i love color.  i rarely ever wear just black- i like blues, reds pinks, i’m open to wearing any color.

NT: is there any piece that you’re looking for right now?
BY: i’m always looking for the perfect pair of pants.  my waist is really narrow, and hips and bum are bigger- like a true female shape, and it’s hard to find pants that aren’t super clingy, and actually comfortable, that don’t show every flaw.

NT: i think i’ve tried on just about every active pant made.
BY: i have very few.  they’re practically impossible to find.

NT: do you leave the house wearing sweatpants?
BY: i do.  but they’re cute sweatpants.

seattle p-i style bio – emily – golden gardens

25 Sep
September 25, 2009
From needle+thread
From needle+thread
From needle+thread

i took these photos several weeks ago, and love that they finally get to go up. emily and i laughingly joked about taking dreamy shots… i think these fit the bill. she’s wearing 1 item several different ways, and you can see the write up on the seattle p-i needle+thread. happy end of summer… a few days late… : )

seattle p-i style bio – dennis – magnolia

20 Sep
September 20, 2009
From needle+thread

did you catch dennis’ style bio in the p-i ? check it out.

seattle p-i style bio – tessa – west seattle

11 Sep
September 11, 2009
From needle+thread

in addition to all of the bumbershoot coverage, neiman marcus opening hoo-ha, people visiting from far away lands (sequim counts) and starting a new, full time job… i also maintain a weekly feature on the needle+thread p-i edition. now i’m going to get some sleep.

needle+thread – seattle p-i edition – jesica

24 Aug
August 24, 2009
From needle+thread

From needle+thread

have you seen the newest post over at the p-i ? jesica is a local clothing designer, we talked about her style, and she educated me on jeggings.

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