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valentines + pattern giveaway

02 Feb
February 2, 2018

there’s this really amazing… needlepoint? handwork? sewing? i don’t know- we’ll call it needlework store (the name is threadneedle street), in the area. i love it. she has EVERYTHING. she’s beyond knowledgeable, and she knows, by name or number (!!!), if she has a thread color in stock or not. multiple lines! intense. the unfortunate bit, is that this shop is in ISSAQUAH. that’s right. bridges. water. tolls. miles and miles away. almost an hour from my house. but let’s be honest. it’s probably for the best. if it were down the street, i’d be bugging that poor lady on the daily. i’d be spending every dime i have on her amazing linen. and you’d think- oh, well, just get on her website, and order that stuff up! no. just… no. can’t be done. i invite you to recall what websites looked like in 1995. you remember. all. that. time. ago. you are literally better off calling her, and asking. no joke.

but all this aside- i went to this delicious store this week, and bought everything you need to complete my pattern (BYOH) (that’s HOOP in case you were stumped), and decided to do a little giveaway. Feel free to leave a comment here, or better– go to instagram, follow me,  tag a galentine (HAD TO), and you’ll be entered into the drawing. you will receive: a free copy of my sugar valentine pattern, a yummy piece of pearl grey, 32 count linen, all the floss colors needed, a thread organizer (that also cuts, and holds needles!!!), and… not pictured, an adorable pair of rainbow metal crane snips. I KNOW! entering ends tuesday the 6th at midnight, i will choose the lucky winner on the morning of wednesday the 7th. FUN!

feel like you’d rather just buy the pattern and get started now? buy it here!

new year – stitching + making

24 Jan
January 24, 2018

apparently i feel like the new year is the best time to post (3 year’s running!). this site needs a major revamp… it’s been a long time coming (hello baby poppy over there who is now FOUR), and i’m wondering when i’ll fit it in… as i often think- so many hours wasted… SLEEPING.

old photos and site aside, i’ve continued to keep it fresh in my studio. lots of works in progress (story of my LIFE), and since i’ve been on a kick to get all that organized (ebracing SPREADSHEETS?? who am i ??), apparently i thought Read more →

our favorite kids books – yeti, turn out the light!

26 Aug
August 26, 2015

i’ll admit, sometimes i buy the book because of the art, it’s the designer in me. this book is so colorful, and the art is a YES. the deer, the bunnies, the YETI. i think the first page i ever saw was the bunny page- with their sweet, big eyes, and there was no way i was putting it back.

the story is about letting your imagination run away, and being afraid of what could be in the dark. but then turning on the light, and realizing it’s nothing but something familiar. yeti clears the distractions (all his friends trying to get some shut eye, with him, in his bed) and finally gets the ZZZZzzzzz’s he needs. i love it. and with all the distractions, and times my kids are up, and up, and up and asking for one. more. thing… it’s on point. i’ve even found myself saying- yeti needs to turn out the light now and get some sleep!


the chronicle books page for yeti, turn out the light! hope you, and your wee humans like it too.



our favorite kids books – octopus alone

20 Aug
August 20, 2015

i’m a sucker for anything octopus. octopus alone is a sweet little book about shying away from ogling eyes, venturing further away from home, and then missing the familiar. it’s colorful, and sweet, with the added bonus of a story we can relate to. my son often remarks that people are staring. it’s something he seems acutely aware of, even when it’s not necessarily happening. i love how this book works through doing what you need to do when you feel that way. set in the colorful, busy ocean- there’s so much to look at, point through and talk about. plus, for those of less fish knowledgeable (uh, me.), fish names! we’ve even seen some of them at the aquarium, and my son loves pointing them out. win!

the author’s facebook page for octopus alone.

interested in other books we love? click here!

our favorite kids books – dragons love tacos

12 Aug
August 12, 2015

dragons love tacos is adorably written. asking questions, interrupting itself… it truly is a cute book. plus, we talk a lot about dragons in our house, and now we know some things they love. like parties. and tacos. and taco parties. plus, tummy troubles is a perfect way to talk about spicy food, and when something’s up with your stomach. breathing fire puts that whole situation into perspective. it’s a fun read, and definitely on our weekly rotation.

there’s even a cute little website dedicated to this book. see? adorable. xoxo- k.

*these are not paid posts. we love to read. we love books. just sharing one toddler book at a time. hope you enjoy them as much as we do, we’d love to hear if you love them too!

our {fave} kids books – i want my hat back

01 Jul
July 1, 2015

my kids are book junkies. like their mother. ok, and father (masters in english). soooooo. we have lots of books. it’s started to get so nuts, i’ve implemented the ‘try before you buy’ rule. we get our book fix at the library, and if it’s a hit, it gets added to the wish list on amazon. grandparents love to indulge, and what better way than NEW BOOKS. nothing comes to mind. (i lie. legos, stuffed animals, CANDY- you know who you are grandparents)

jon klassen was a find from target, i think. we started with ‘i want my hat back’, but ‘extra yarn’, ‘this is not my hat’, ‘cats night out’ and ‘sam and dave dig a hole’ were soon to follow. cute, short, and plenty to look at and love. i love the inky drawings and simple expression. the red page is classic (you know!) and cracks my 4 year old up every time.

good kids books (with lovely art). love em!

a book a week – april

29 Apr
April 29, 2015

for the last 6 months or so, i’ve been addicted to the library. i think it was our daycare that reminded me it even existed. back when i had just a bit more expendable income, buying books was a habit. kind of an obsession. even after kids, i always justified money for books. we read most of our kids books at least once a week. we read some of our books every day. borrowing books has opened our world. into planets? we can borrow 10 books on planets. love legos? 5 books borrowed. and the idea that these aren’t ours, that we share them with everyone, and need to take care of them… so good for little minds.

the seattle public library also has a great online system, and also the ability to borrow e-books. how rad is it to reserve a book, get an email when it comes available, download it, and return it, all without leaving the house, or having extra errands to run. LOVE.

3 of these books were the best of this month’s library downloads, 1 was given to me by the publisher. if you’re looking for a good read, i’d rank them as follows-

the martian– not into sic-fi? me neither. not really. ok, sometimes. i don’t know? i know what i like, and what i’m willing to read. this was… Read more →

you should write your mom a letter.

03 Apr
April 3, 2015

so… i took a little time off. i went to texas. i got the flu. i found some focus. it’s been an interesting couple of months. but i’m feeling really good. tired, but good. that feels like life these days. happy and tired.

i wanted to start back with something… light. something that’s pretty, and easy. i made a resolution to write more letters. it’s something i devote time to each week. i’ve totally stayed on track, and i love it. i love writing letters.

apparently, it’s national letter writing month? i think it’s a bit overkill (ok, but i’m doing it) to write every day. but what if… you wrote a letter every week? 4 letters- who would you write to? who would love to go to their mailbox and see a letter from you? DO IT. write that person right now. for some inspiration, check out the #write_on hash on instagram, and here’s a few things to get you inspired…

1- the target dollar bins are a gold mine. i check every so often for these cute card packs. $1? yes please. 2- pens make the writing. i must have 400 pens, and i think the only roller balls in the bunch, are the jellies. top is a pilot disposable nib pen. cool, right? the middle is a Lamy nib pen, and the bottom- jelly, because, sparkly ink! 3- muji has the BEST stationary section- these little clips are famous buildings from around the world. if you don’t live in NY (or japan), they’re online. 4- i keep a variety of stamps on hand, including international postage (there’s a stamp for that!). there are some really lovely stamps right now. i think they even still have batman (!!!) stamps. the post office is COOL. 5- anna rifle makes amazeballs paper stuffs. this book of stickers was like crack to me. i carried it around anthro forever, talking myself into spending $12 on stickers. whatever. i’ve totally gotten my money’s worth. 6- binder clips, paper clips, post it’s- i’m an office supply junkie. i love these super tiny binder clips for keeping my stickers, stamps and cards organized. target has all sorts of colors and sizes. 7- a return stamp to make addressing just a bit more easy, and a little bit fun. searching on etsy yields some super cute options, and they’re not that spendy.

do it – calendar – daily planner

30 Oct
October 30, 2014

so i recently flipped for the new sugar paper la for target line. mainly because last year i wasn’t working, and didn’t get my yearly nordstrom calendar (perk of working, free cool office shit). then i saw this planner on IG, went on the hunt, missed it in the store by a month or so, tracked one down, paid 3 times what they sold for. not. cool.

this year, i determined to be on it. but when the line launched on the sugar paper site, you couldn’t really tell what stuff looked like. so off to target. not stocked yet. at two different stores. begged employees. banded together with other shoppers and camped out. ok, it was only for 5 minutes, but when i asked, and another lady heard me asking, she zoomed over, and was like… i’m here for that too! then another lady. then we had a contingent, and they dug it out of the back. that much fun for $10 is hard to pass up. easy thrills.

i like my daily calendar. i like my stickies, i like my lists. i like checking it through the day and putting big colorful X’s through things that need big, sloppy, colorful X’s. i like buying a pack of stickers each month and doing birthdays. holidays, special days. let’s get real, i apparently like wasting time. but… it actually helps, and i do better when i ‘plan’.

want a FREE daily planner sheet? click here. want 7 PRETTY COLORED sheets (one for each day of the week)? click on the button below and fill out the easiest paypal form you’ve ever seen. you’ll get a lot organized satisfaction for $3. guaranteed.

wear it – kids coats – girl edition

27 Oct
October 27, 2014

i think i’ve said it before (i know i have), shopping for kids is HARD. i think before i had kids, it was one of those things i thought would be kind of fun. dressing this cute little person. and sometimes, it is. but prior to having kids, what you forget to include in your fantasy, is what it’s like to SHOP with kids, get them to try things on (FORGET IT) and here’s the kicker- at the age of TWO, have an opinion about what they will, and what they definitely WILL NOT, wear.

so. fun.

coats are their own minefield. my kids seem to always be running just a little hot. it’s cold out, i want them to be warm, but getting a kid in a coat is like getting a pack and play back in a bag. feasibly it can happen, but it’s a process. also, there are a lot of useless coats out there. ill made hoods (don’t stay on, not big enough, misshapen), bad fabrics (must be very washable) and frankly, for girls- just plain silly. the purpose of a coat is warmth. a shiny satin looking coat with no lining? can’t imagine the purpose. so my road for coats this year has been long. the hood needs to be good (preferably fur trimmed), there needs to be a warm lining, and it needs to be long enough that bellies don’t get cold. my mother-in-law recently ordered the CUTEST coat for my daughter, and when it arrived, i was pained to realize the buttons weren’t faux. no zipper! what 1 year old holds still long enough to button up 6 double breasted buttons? not realistic. so, i’m back on the hunt.  this is what i’ve found.

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