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read it – summer – grown up version

19 Jun
June 19, 2014

i think maybe i’m not cut out for book clubs.  i like reading.  i’m less into discussion.  i like hearing recommendations and hearing what other people think about books.  i’m probably also not that into wine.  i think i used to be?  i don’t know.  anyway, over text a good friend and i decided to start our own book club.  we were going to call it ‘we read to escape’.  we’re averaging about a book every other day.  maybe we should call it, ‘we read to support the economy’?  it’s been fun being engrossed in something other than kids, or tv.  it’s brought back a little sanity, and it’s been so good to consume some books again (especially with a fellow fast reader).  these are some of the books we’ve tackled, and a couple more that are on my list next.  are you reading anything this summer?  any good book recommends?

1- the fault in our stars- had to.  cried.  might go see the film.  doubt it.

2- still alice – hard.  my grandmother passed from alzheimer’s.  it was good, but tough.

3- where’d you go bernadette- funny.  vonnegut-esque.  based in seattle!

4- what alice forgot- so many of these i didn’t want to end, this was one.

5- where we belong – besides wild, probably my fave.

6- the husband’s secret – weird, but good.  lots of strong personalities.

7- wild- the best out of this bunch!  made me want to go hike, and i don’t even like walking.

8- let’s pretend this never happened – up next.  i love her blog, i’m hoping the book makes me laugh as much.

9- honeymoon with my brother – i downloaded the sample, and wanted more.  promising.

i bought it – birthday – last of the 30’s

11 Jun
June 11, 2014

i have a birthday this week.

i used to plan weeks in advance for my birthday.  we used to have what we called ‘birthday month’.  starting with memorial day, it was a month long party, usually culminating in a solstice i had zero memory of.  it was fun.  fun doesn’t even cover what it was.

these days i’m more interested in how i can work it so i can wash my hair TWICE this week (crazy, right).  i might make cupcakes.  i thought i’d pick up a nice bottle of champagne.  toasting to the last year of my 30’s.  the last one…!!!  new decades are EXCITING!  i’m looking forward to savoring this year, and seeing what my next decade brings.

i’ve been reading about making a simpler wardrobe.  investing in good pieces.  to that end, i’m starting with some new summer sandals.  i’ve seen these here and there, and decided they’re for me.  these come in a zillion colors.  i love most of them, but the red are feeling like the perfect mix of timeless and playful.  HBTM!

made it – toy bin – seattle

13 May
May 13, 2014

i think i’ve said it before… i have a hard time with most things that are made for kids.  i think a lot of parents do.  so much is disposable.  and i get why.  they’re tough on things.  they don’t understand the purpose of most things, and so have a tendency to mistreat or abuse everything.  everything that has belonged to my son has a look of bedraggledness.  and regardless of how you try to instill the idea that we take care of our things, those ideas take years to cement in their little brains.  we’re working on it.

in the meantime, i’m trying to find a curated assortment of things i want to last.  books.  blankets.  special toys that can withstand a beating.  don’t get me wrong… we have a lot (A LOT) of crappy toys that litter out house on a daily basis.  but i’m culling down as i invest in new.  i’m also making special things to use in our home that i like LOVE.  enter my idea for this toy bin.  this specific bin was a present.  after i came up with the idea, i realized i had two special birthdays on my horizon (brothers) and so… decided to tackle this project.  it was a complete learning curve, and of course, i had something very specific in mind (oh, designers).  my love of orla kiely has given me an appreciation for the wipability of plasticized canvas and bold graphic prints.  i wanted a print that would stand up to time; when no longer used for toys, could be migrated into the rotation of things to use around the house.  i’m beyond pleased with how this turned out, and hope to make a few more (in different prints soon).  maybe even make a few bucks, and list on etsy.  you know, in my spare time.

tote details- french seam encloses all raw edges on the side, japanese indigo bias tape encloses the raw edge on bottom.  hand painted motif on the outside, sealed with poly plastic. artwork  includes warm neutrals and soft metallics with pops of bright- sophisticated, but playful.  raw leather handles attached with nickel rivets.

dressing a kid – spring edition – baby girl

03 Apr
April 3, 2014

i thought i’d be better at this.  i’ve designed kid’s clothes for years.  i’ve been opinionated and researched… i’ve followed how kids dress since long before i’d even thought i’d have any.  then you have one, and suddenly you realize… they need to be warm.  they have opinions of their own (didn’t see that one coming). retail doesn’t support what the actual weather is (when will THAT happen- does it really need to be all shorts in february?).  it’s hard.  and i started with a boy, so… now i have a girl, and i remember how i used to dress him, and they don’t even sell clothes like that for girls.  he used to be comfy.  dresses?  when do you put on a dress?  every day?  it’s impossible to crawl in a dress.  it’s boggling.  but we have a first birthday approaching, so i thought i’d see what’s out there.  this is what i came up with.  of course i’m not buying any of it.  i’m considering buying fabric and making something.  but it’s good inspiration.  and since the high is 57 today, i might have to pick up a cardi and some tights.

first row- crew cuts – that’s a cashmere sweater and the little dress is a liberty print!

second row- gap – by far my fave, i’m in love with the kelly and navy.

third row – target – i wanted that cardigan in every color- so cute and affordable.

fourth row – old navy – that $9 dress is can’t miss, and it comes in 6 different prints.


i bought it – deals – j.crew

02 Jan
January 2, 2014

sooooo… how was your holiday?  over too quick?  full of merry and bright?  exhausting?  yes.  all of that and more, right?  every year, around october, i say to myself, this year it’s going to be different… and every year (so far without fail) it’s all gone, over and packed away before i’m ready to see the end of it.  but… in 357 days, we can do it all again. 😉

i found myself at alderwood yesterday.  i was never a frequenter of malls until i had a toddler.  now… now it’s a long, enclosed, warm place, with a pretzel at the end.

then i looked up and realized there’s a j.crew there.  yikes.  all that christmas money that i was going to put on iTunes and diapers… yeah.  i gave it to j.crew.  in exchange for some beautiful (indulgent) things!  yay!  that’s more fun than diapers any day.  there’s an extra 40% off on top of sale items… that took away most of the guilt (almost).

i wasn’t super impressed with j.crew’s customer service via their 800#, or their website for that matter.  prices weren’t consistent online with what was in store, and some items, you have to type in to find- but again, the deal was worth the hunt, and everyone i spoke with at an actual store was amazing.  happy hunting!  clockwise- merino scarf sweater, crane paper co. merci cards, fanned leaf necklace (also in a very pretty red), universal charger, pretty gift tags.

dressing a kid – girl edition

13 Nov
November 13, 2013

another foray into northgate mall (and a little online shopping by grandparents) and we’re accumulating some items i’m not embarrassed about for the wee-est in the house.  don’t get me wrong, i’ve slowly come to like pink (it’s weird how it happens, it’s literally something you see in every shop, and you catch yourself saying- but that’s not a hideous pink, and next thing you know, there’s a drawer full of pink. not to mention, try finding some necessary item not in pink, like a coat), but i do covet items outside the palette that’s preferred.  i get it.

these items from old navy are a) so inexpensive! b) so adorable and c) of such a quality on the onesies, i triple checked the price.  soft, durable and easy to wash, plus there’s the bonus of layering.  i layer pants under the dress, onsie under the shirt, with the sweater over… and everything goes together.  love it.

next dressing post will be about dressing for pictures.  i’ve yet to get the outfits, but with our photo looming (and santa for the grandparents) i better get my act together.  where are you finding cute clothing?  do you opt for something luxe, or something that can be worn more than a couple times (seems easier for boys for some reason)?  i’m interested to hear how others get the photo outfits together!

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i bought it – fountain pen

29 Oct
October 29, 2013

when i was in high school, i started my life-long love of pens, shopping the pen isle in wal-mart.  small town girls pass a lot of time perusing EVERYTHING in wal-mart.  i dreamed of my own kitchen, fingering oven mitts and dish towels.  i smelled ALL of the shampoos and perfumes (weird how i landed on pantine and love’s baby soft).  i touched and critiqued every single pen.  i was on a mission to find- the. best. pen.  one day i came across a $3 fountain pen.  behold!

nib pens appealed to my teenage, flighty, romantic sensibility.  i’d write love letters with such a device.  i’d pen tomes about my suffering!  i think what i did was mostly homework with it, maybe a journal entry or two. that pen might actually be somewhere in my childhood desk in the basement (yes, i’m a pared down hoarder).  today, from amazon, i received it’s somewhat more expensive, german cousin- my lamy safari fountain pen.  it’s beautiful.  it’s modern.  and the 14 year old girl in me squealed, and wants to write a love letter.

such small splurges remind me of a time i used to save up my money and have my mom drop me and a girlfriend off at the store.  it’s a far-away moment brought back to me with the arrival of a sweet new pen.  i’m actually looking forward to sitting down and addressing baby announcements.  it’s the little things.

dressing a kid – boy edition

28 Oct
October 28, 2013

so… i’m not a huge fan of northgate, but it’s slowly getting better.  there’s a pretty decent rack (alderwood is still my fave, followed closely by southcenter), and now they’ve just gotten an old navy!

i’ve been having a hard time finding basic, plain clothes, without a lot of cutesy words, in decent colors, and quite honestly, i don’t want to pay a ton of money.  i haven’t been into an old navy in forever (or gap for that matter, maybe that’s another post), but i have found the toddler/baby dressing mecca!  feast your eyes, and if you love what you see, add yourself to their emails.  the deals are amazing!

*i have not been paid for this post.  i genuinely love everything i’ve found for my kids at old navy.  check it out, you will too!

wish list – pen receptacle

27 Aug
August 27, 2013

anyone who knows me, knows i have a fondness for pens (it’s a problem).  pencil pouches (or boxes or bags) are krytonite! with all the school supplies in stores right now, i’m doing my best not to indulge (because, let’s be honest, i own troves- and sneaking it in is becoming problematic).  there are only so many pouches one girls needs, but it never hurts to pick out my next one just in case (i lose all 8 that i already have…)

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