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super moon lunar eclipse – sunday

27 Sep
September 27, 2015

i don’t really get too much opportunity to play with camera junk these days. but i have all of it. so when i kept going outside to check and see if the moon was out, and COMPLETELY MISSED WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE. i freaked, and grabbed all the good stuff, and went out in the front yard to capture it. the results aren’t great, but i wanted to show the kids. i think for stellar (see what i did there) results, you’d have to get away from the street light directly in front of my camera, but not bad.

it was so cool– did you see it where you are?

designer sighting – betsey johnson – downtown nordstrom

11 Feb
February 11, 2011

let’s be honest.  this is old news.  but it’s still good news for local nail lacquer guru, nonie creme.  her lovely line of delish nail shades, butter london, made an excellent accent to betsy’s visit last october at the downtown nordstrom.  not only did nonie do the nails for betsey’s spring fashion week show in new york, but her line was picked up by the seattle retailer and is available in store.

for all of the photos from the event… click Read more →

fall trends – night on the town – vogue front row fashion

16 Sep
September 16, 2010

who doesn’t love to see all the pretty dresses? with holidays just around the corner, it’s fun to think of a party frock. i actually just bought my christmas dress (dressy drink night!) at the rack. best advice i was ever given… if you find an event dress, it fits, and it’s a deal… buy it. you’ll find something to wear it to.

this wraps up the vogue front row fashion show, and tonight i’m headed to fashion first.  hopefully i’ll see some style to capture (a little behind on that) and of course i’ll have some runway shots.

for all the dresses, click Read more →

fall trends – sweater girls – vogue front row fashion

15 Sep
September 15, 2010

not that i’m going to be baring midriff anytime soon, but i thought most of the looks in this portion were great how-to’s on sweaters. for all the shots, click Read more →

fall trends – urban luxe – vogue front row fashion

09 Sep
September 9, 2010

urban luxe translates to ‘military olive drab with sparkle and a pop of red’. there were several pieces in this set that i’d sell a kidney for. those tall chanel (looking?) boots?  yes. that bright red scarf. the cape like luxe looking thing that billowed and looked sumptuous… okay. apparently my style this fall is urban luxe. for all the shots from this set click Read more →

fall trends – american sportswear – vogue front row fashion

09 Sep
September 9, 2010

i wasn’t as into this as i thought i’d be.  i tend to like classic.  i don’t know… maybe it was the coming and going models, and having to swap camera settings every two seconds.. there were a few items i liked, but you’ll have to excuse the blurred photos.  this section of the show was… challenging.  i did the best i could.  for *most* of the photos from american sportswear click Read more →

fall trends – under wraps – vogue front row fashion

08 Sep
September 8, 2010

this little red coat (with the plaid peeking out) was adorable. some great looks for men and women, and just a reminder, everything was available at bellevue square! i loved picking out little details, and seeing where i could get them. i have a bit of a coat fetish, and have been wondering about the shape i’d like to get this year… i’m wanting something long, and cozy. for all the runway looks, be sure to click Read more →

fall trends – fur & feathers – vogue front row fashion

07 Sep
September 7, 2010

i’m a little late posting my vogue fashion show photos. since today is so ‘fall’ i thought what better way to start the short week than give you some trend. if you want any details on the clothes, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. all of these items can be found at bellevue square. my favourite items in the photos? the hosiery, of course! for the whole series, click Read more →

stylish events – shipley & halmos – downtown seattle

27 Aug
August 27, 2010

many many apologies for the light posting this week. on top of working… there’s been a number of sidebars that have soaked up some of my time. some of them very good, some of them not so good. bear with me!

this next week is going to be ACTION PACKED! are you ready? samremix tonight, vogue front row fashion saturday in bellevue and the 7salon + zebra club show on sunday.  heading in to next week, BUMBERSHOOT!!  where i do believe i have mainstage access, and quite possibly (fingers crossed) some one-on-one interviews?!?!  we’ll see!

the photos above are from the shipley + halmos event at the barney’s co-op.  a very cool concept, the two namesakes of the line (and the designers) are traveling to barney’s around the country, snapping photos and hoping to put together a lookbook of expressive portraiture (and by barney’s default, style) by holiday.  some very well dressed popped in to have their photos, mingle and shop.  if you’re interested in the book, check back to barney’s at holiday.

from the runway – lanvin – ndp – seattle

30 Jul
July 30, 2010

and last, but not least, lanvin. solid sheath type dresses… with some sheen at the end.  all in all, a very sedate show.  but who doesn’t love to see all the pretty clothes?  thank you to nordstrom for having me… next big fashion shows are bellevue fashion week, and fashion first.

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