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our favorite kids books – yeti, turn out the light!

26 Aug
August 26, 2015

i’ll admit, sometimes i buy the book because of the art, it’s the designer in me. this book is so colorful, and the art is a YES. the deer, the bunnies, the YETI. i think the first page i ever saw was the bunny page- with their sweet, big eyes, and there was no way i was putting it back.

the story is about letting your imagination run away, and being afraid of what could be in the dark. but then turning on the light, and realizing it’s nothing but something familiar. yeti clears the distractions (all his friends trying to get some shut eye, with him, in his bed) and finally gets the ZZZZzzzzz’s he needs. i love it. and with all the distractions, and times my kids are up, and up, and up and asking for one. more. thing… it’s on point. i’ve even found myself saying- yeti needs to turn out the light now and get some sleep!


the chronicle books page for yeti, turn out the light! hope you, and your wee humans like it too.



our favorite kids books – octopus alone

20 Aug
August 20, 2015

i’m a sucker for anything octopus. octopus alone is a sweet little book about shying away from ogling eyes, venturing further away from home, and then missing the familiar. it’s colorful, and sweet, with the added bonus of a story we can relate to. my son often remarks that people are staring. it’s something he seems acutely aware of, even when it’s not necessarily happening. i love how this book works through doing what you need to do when you feel that way. set in the colorful, busy ocean- there’s so much to look at, point through and talk about. plus, for those of less fish knowledgeable (uh, me.), fish names! we’ve even seen some of them at the aquarium, and my son loves pointing them out. win!

the author’s facebook page for octopus alone.

interested in other books we love? click here!

our favorite kids books – dragons love tacos

12 Aug
August 12, 2015

dragons love tacos is adorably written. asking questions, interrupting itself… it truly is a cute book. plus, we talk a lot about dragons in our house, and now we know some things they love. like parties. and tacos. and taco parties. plus, tummy troubles is a perfect way to talk about spicy food, and when something’s up with your stomach. breathing fire puts that whole situation into perspective. it’s a fun read, and definitely on our weekly rotation.

there’s even a cute little website dedicated to this book. see? adorable. xoxo- k.

*these are not paid posts. we love to read. we love books. just sharing one toddler book at a time. hope you enjoy them as much as we do, we’d love to hear if you love them too!

our {fave} kids books – i want my hat back

01 Jul
July 1, 2015

my kids are book junkies. like their mother. ok, and father (masters in english). soooooo. we have lots of books. it’s started to get so nuts, i’ve implemented the ‘try before you buy’ rule. we get our book fix at the library, and if it’s a hit, it gets added to the wish list on amazon. grandparents love to indulge, and what better way than NEW BOOKS. nothing comes to mind. (i lie. legos, stuffed animals, CANDY- you know who you are grandparents)

jon klassen was a find from target, i think. we started with ‘i want my hat back’, but ‘extra yarn’, ‘this is not my hat’, ‘cats night out’ and ‘sam and dave dig a hole’ were soon to follow. cute, short, and plenty to look at and love. i love the inky drawings and simple expression. the red page is classic (you know!) and cracks my 4 year old up every time.

good kids books (with lovely art). love em!

print contest – spoonflower – voting open

21 May
May 21, 2015

voting is now open on the spoonflower challenge- there are some ADORABLE prints entered. you can vote for as many as you like.

i’ve figured out so much during this process, and although i’m not 100% satisfied with my design (and how it represents on their site), i’m so excited that i got motivated and turned something in. sometimes it’s just about getting it out there, not making it perfect.

here’s the link to vote!

UPDATE: i was able to adjust the color on my entry! this reads so much brighter, and i’m much happier- whew!

print contest – spoonflower – mermaids

08 May
May 8, 2015

so… i’ve said it before, i’ve designed for going on 12 years. i’ve come up with thousands of concepts for artwork, and in my most recent job, i created artwork for socks. it was very… static. flat.

for years i’ve wanted to branch out into print design, and over the last year, i’ve played around with motif and ideas, but i’ve (for some reason) been really intimidated, and never finished anything.

recently i watched some of the creativebug class on designing prints, and realized i know more than i think i know. i can’t tell if that makes me feel better or worse.

since i’ve been using fridays to post about creative projects in the works, i thought i’d put this up, even though it’s not close to being finished. spoonflower is having a print contest related to kids sleepwear. i figured if there’s anything i do know, it’s kids clothing (designed for over 7 years), and maybe that would lessen the intimidation factor. now i just need to finish this up, and submit it.

to figuring it out! happy friday! xo-k.

get outside – carkeek park

22 Apr
April 22, 2015

it’s nice to be hitting that time of year when getting out doesn’t involve rain gear and wellies, or ducking back in the car, waiting out the rain, or worse, finding an inside space that holds their attention for longer than half an hour, more than one day a week (unicorn – doesn’t exist).

yay parks! seattle has such great parks. so many amazing outside spaces with trails, play structures, sand boxes, and fields. we are lucky. one of my faves (when it’s been dry for a bit, and it’s not salmon season) is carkeek’s trail along the creek that goes down to the beach. it’s the perfect length, so that even when you’re wearing thin towards the end, the car isn’t that far away, and you can make it back carrying one kid, and racing the other one.

we did the trail with some friends last week. so many of these images remind me how fast time has passed. the oldest of our kids are a day apart… we were in the hospital next door to each other… man, life changes quick. overnight we became parents together. and through our kids, friends.

cooking for kids – granola bars (technically, sloppy joes)

15 Apr
April 15, 2015

so…i used to love to cook. and food. and going to restaurants. and, let’s be honest, anything involving calories, and chewing, and tasting delicious new foods. in case you need a refresher- cheese, croissants still warm from the oven, fresh beignets, oysters, smoked salmon, carbs, the food groups, you name it.

and the big ‘but then!’ is kids. of course it is. i’m all, *wah, wah* then i had kids. and although it’s slowly getting (incrementally) better, making food, and eating is such a chore. i buy the same 30 things at the grocery store. i can make a meal out of goldfish, yogurt covered raisins, and applesauce. that’s not horrible. but it becomes horrible the 364th time you do it.

i’ve decided to (once a week) try to make a homemade snack. we buy a lot of bars, Read more →

5 things i’ve learned in the 4 years i’ve been a mom.

08 Apr
April 8, 2015

i don’t often write long bits about what i think. this hasn’t really been a space for that. but more and more i’m wanting to remember the little things in my life i’m in love with. it’s hard to find the silver lining some days. tantrums, meltdowns, diapers, shrieking, answering the same question 204 times. every so often though- that little bit of… beauty. that little glimpse of amazing. of course i love my kids. but they have literally turned my life upside down. it doesn’t resemble the life i had 5 years ago in any way, other than i live in the same house, and i’m married to the same amazing husband. everything else? completely different. here’s 5 truths i’ve discovered that i wanted to get down as my oldest turns 4.

1- i was an asshat. i imagined having kids. i thought about what it would be like. and in every way that i thought about it, and tried to insert them into my future life- i was wrong. i. was. so. wrong. you know where you go wrong in those imaginings? getting them dressed, finding their shoes, strapping them into carseats, feeding them, trying to have a conversation with my husband- all the things you know nothing about until you do them 20 times. a day. those little bits of things will drive you mad, and you could never have imagined them. and even if you did, you were wrong. i thought humans instinctively wanted to eat. i think humans instinctively want to throw food. and smear it on walls, and stuff it in hidden places usually on or around the couch. eat it? no.

2- your kid has it’s own personality from the moment it comes out. Read more →

halloween – seattle style – toddler edition

05 Nov
November 5, 2014

wow. that went quick. is october really over and we’re already… days into november? surreal. and daylight savings. man that is a DOWNER. still never used to that. and kids. kids don’t care about daylight savings. we’re all hopped up on candy, and heading for a nap too late, and then it’s not long enough… darkness descends.

i had a hard time jumping into halloween this year. i had high hopes for costumes and pumpkin patches, and then the weather and the schedule just… didn’t collide. the first year we haven’t done a pumpkin patch. it’s fun to go, but it was kind of nice not to stress. and on halloween day i was at target buying my littlest a costume i should have bought the first day i saw it. which made us an hour late for our festivities. mom fail.

sometimes i think there’s too much pressure. like we have to do everything. all the trick or treating, and taking them everywhere… too much. it was nice to queue up a movie on saturday night, order some pizza and let go of all that nuttiness. all the expectation i put on us. i made a note on my october calendar (for next year) to remember not to be an insane do-everything monger.

i know i just want to savor every last bit of this season, but there is a thing as too much. sometimes saying no (or not this year) feels like the right thing. i’m getting to be ok with that.

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